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The College Basketball Selection Process: Finding the Right Fit

NBC Basketball Camps College Coach Matt Logie shares how to help find the right college basketball program for your dreams.

As a college basketball coach, there is one question that is frequently asked by parents, coaches, and student-athletes alike: “What are you looking for?”

                I’m here to tell you, the answer to that question should always be, “I’m looking for the right fit.”  Determining what is important to you is the first step in identifying the right fit. Knowing what you’re looking for on the front-end will allow you to successfully navigate YOUR process for finding the right student-athlete experience during college. Just as there is as a student-athlete, there will be competing priorities involved during the evaluation process and determining what is most important to you is absolutely critical to making a sound decision.

The reason I like to refer to this process as a “selection process” as opposed to a “recruiting process,” is that some people aren’t actually recruited at all, so making sure they are selecting the right school is of the utmost importance. The second reason is that even if you are being recruited by some schools, if the school you select, doesn’t select you as their fit, then you will be looking elsewhere also. The process is all about finding that fit from both sides.

As I mentioned previously, the first thing you must establish is your competing priorities and what is most important to you. Many of these priorities will directly compete with one another so having them listed in priority order is critical to basing your decision on sound principles as opposed to emotional decisions. Some of the variables that you should consider include:

1)      Location – Where do you want to go to school? Close to home? Far from home? In a city? On a rural campus?
2)      School Size – Do you want the big state-school feel? Or a smaller university community?  
3)      Academic Profile – What academic profile fits you? What are your academic interests? Which schools have good programs in those areas?
4)      Financial Considerations – What resources are available to you? How much are you prepared to invest in your experience? Are there schools offering you full-scholarships? Most people don’t realize the vast array of academic scholarships that are available – which by the way – are FAR more than the athletic scholarships too many of us focus on.
5)      Social Life – What type of social life are you interested in experiencing during college? Are you looking for a faith-based university community? Are you interested in being in a city and experiencing what that has to offer? Would you prefer an opportunity to build relationships in clubs, greek life, etc.? These dynamics greatly impact the type of experience we have, and should all be considered.
6)      Athletic Considerations – Which level of college sports can you have success in? What type of experience will you enjoy?  Would you rather sit the bench at a big school or play a lot at a smaller school? Do you have better relationships with some coaches and programs than others? How much do athletics play into your overall happiness as a college student?
Ultimately, it is a combination of things that lead us to our final destination. If you can lay out your priorities and communicate them clearly to yourself, your family, and coaches, then you will be able to quickly identify the places that fit you best.  I encourage all of you to sit down at different stages of high-school and evaluate these categories, as the selection process is fluid and things will change. But having a strong outline for what you desire and what fits you best will allow you to make a sound long-term decision. Good luck!

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