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Increase your RPE Factor -Measurement for basketball success

At NBC Basketball Camps we have a measurement we use called the RPE factor.  This stands for Relentless Pursuit of Excellence.  How high your Relentless Pursuit of Excellence is, will be a strong indication for your success on and off the basketball court.


Here are 4 ways to improve your RPE Factor:

Eliminate fear.  As Jim Collins writes in Good to Great, “Fear doesn't drive change—but it does perpetuate mediocrity.”  Discipline your mind not to make choices which are based on fear.  Fear is not prudence.  You can’t have a strong RPE factor if your thoughts are filled with anxiety and fear of failure.
Do the little things well.  Excellence is a habit. Putting the cap back on the toothpaste is a small task but it is this will to follow through which leads to RPE habits.  Find ways to make daily commitments to doing all with pride and thoughtfulness towards others and the drive to live life with dignity and gratitude.
See what is good.
 Train your eyes to see what is excellent. Everyone can see what is not working, flawed, ugly, or troubled. Instead, discipline yourself to see what is working, unique, strong, and beautiful. Find ways to bring out the best in others and in every situation.
Be relentless about what matters.  Some people become relentless about fantasy football, Facebook, fashion, or fame. Be relentless about becoming the best person you can be. Be relentless about loving your family and strengthening your leadership, intelligence, mental toughness, and spiritual faith.


About NBC Basketball Camps

NBC Camps are committed to helping build the total player from the inside out. We want every student to become a better player and a better person.  NBC Camps is for the player who loves basketball enough to work hard. You need to be at NBC Camps if you love this game.


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