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3 Dangerous Mindsets that will block your basketball success

As a basketball player, student and leader, your mindset determines your future. A negative or dangerous mindset can ruin your opportunities for success.  Here are three of the most dangerous mindsets to overcome.  Examine your thoughts and the way you view the world and see if you find any of these dangerous mindsets efffecting your life.

1. Scarcity. Scarcity is a "never enough" mindset-- not talented enough, not smart enough, not enough playing time. When we live in scarcity, we become anxious. Anxiety can lead to procrastination, depression and under-functioning.  A scarcity mindset believes, "If I can't be the best I'm not going to try." Scarcity is born in comparison, and robs us of the work and the joy we need to embrace in order to be the best WE can be. 

2. Shame.  Shame blocks our ability to be teachable and courageous. We feel shame when our self-confidence is frail and too connected with what we do and with how people think about us. Shame is very dangerous for a player. If your self-confidence is tied to the ups and downs of your game and what your team or coaches think about you, you won't be able to take risks or be open to correction.  A player hampered by a shame mindset is a player whose self-confidence will be easily taken away.  

3. Arrogance. One of the biggest blocks to success is thinking you are better than you are. An athlete who is arrogant in any aspect of his or her game will not achieve greatness. Serious players are always pushing, reaching, learning, questioning and striving to become better. A mindset of feeling better than others is a recipe for failure.

Changing your mindset is a daily habit. It begins through a daily inventory of your thoughts and making goals to keep your thoughts on the best path. Successful mindset is filled with gratitude, grit, optimism and service toward others.  Work hard at your mindset and success will follow.

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