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4 Ways to Develop Greater Grit

Grit is an essential if you want to become a great basketball player.  Here are four ways to improve your grit on the court and in life.

1. Accept a challenge. Find activities and programs which push you beyond your comfort zone and make you work hard.  If everything comes easy, you need to find situations where you are stretched.

2. Don't quit on a bad day. Make a commitment to yourself never to give up after a frustrating day.  Always end on an ace.  Finish out the session. Pushing through a tough season or a tough session is crucial to developing grit.  

3. Learn to love struggle. If it is easy, you aren't learning. Pain is necessary for growth. Be careful to know the difference between good pain that builds growth and bad pain which tears down and destroys. Find a quality mentor in all areas to help you know the right balance. Tell your teacher, trainer or coach if something is painful for you. They will be able to help you determine if you need to make changes and adjustments or you just need to power through.

4. Test your Intensity level. Set a goal to work as hard as you can for a certain period of time. Give it everything you have and see if you can maintain intensity for the full duration. Start out with 7 minutes.  See if you can maintain total intensity, focus and effort.  If you can, take a quick break and add another minute. If you can't try one more time. If you struggle, lessen the time.

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