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4 Ways to Improve Your Impact on the Basketball Court

If your like us at NBC Basketball Camps, you love great basketball teams with great team work which means every player committed to maximum impact. However, just like in life, research shows the majority of people on the basketball team tend to overestimate their impact on the team or in the game while underestimating the impact of their teammates. This is a recipe for frustration and anger.  Most players think they deserve the last shot, the most minutes and the majority of the ball. 

What can you do?  

Eat humble pie. This pie is one of the best foods for your success. If you can eat humble pie, you can begin to see the reality of life.  If you can see the truth, you can change it to make it better. If you are caught in a lie, you can’t make improvements.

Avoid the shame game. Eating humble pie doesn’t mean losing your self-confidence and will to achieve. Shame tells you, you aren’t good enough. Get out of this wasted use of time and instead, stick to the facts. You are a miracle. Your story is important. You can change your future. You can make those around you better.

Take a look at your stats. The numbers don’t lie.  Get your percentages into ranges that no one can argue about. If you are an 80-90% free throw shooter, your coach and your team will want you on the line.  Keep your stats and use your personal workouts to improve.

Pack the biggest punch. What skills do you bring to the team that can make the biggest impact? Most people want to answer this, “I can shoot the three.” If you have the stats to claim this, keep it. If not, think of other ways to impact the team. Do you box out and dominate the rebounds? Can you be counted on to stop your man? Can you handle the ball in traffic? Can you rally the team when everyone is down? If you don’t have a killer punch to help your team, put in the work to pack the punch.


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