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Basketball Talent Quiz

Do you want to build your basketball talent or help your son or daughter become great at the game?  Be sure you can answer this basketball talent quiz. 


  • Playing lots of basketball games builds your talent.  Yes or No
  • A player could be considered talented by one coach and not by another.  Yes or No
  • Kids who learn a skill quickly are more talented than those who struggle to learn a skill. Yes or No
  • Talent experts can tell early on who the talented people will be. Yes or No
  • Basketball players who want to be great should specialize only in basketball at a young age. Yes or No


1.       Playing lots of basketball games builds talent.
In most situations, the answer is no.  Parents make a huge mistake having a third-grade student playing up to 60 games a season. Consider talent development from a different angle. Imagine a beginning piano student playing up to 60 concerts in a few month span. This would be a disaster for piano development. What builds the pianist is intentional, disciplined practice and some performance time.  Skill work and talent development should be a significant amount of time in proportion to games. If you are playing more games than you are practicing you are jeopardizing your talent.
2.       A player could be considered talented by one coach and not by another.
Absolutely. Coaches tend to value certain skill sets over others. Some coaches value grit, mental toughness, and fierceness. Some value taking care of the ball, they prefer cautious play and layups over dunks. However, at some point, every athlete will continue to hear common themes no matter who he or she plays for.  Wise players and parents get an assessment from a number of different coaches to create an overall talent development plan that is balanced and powerful.
3.       Kids who learn a skill quickly are more talented than those who struggle to learn a skill.
This is a more complex question but we think that answer should be no. There are a number of reasons why someone learns a skill more quickly: aptitude and attitude are two of the biggest. Let’s look at this true scenario. A second grader loves basketball. He is an amazing ball handler, he dribbles circles around his peers, and he picks up skills quickly.  Another second grader loves basketball but he struggles with motor mechanics. Just catching the ball is challenging. Who is going to be the more talent player?  We have the advantage of 47 years of basketball training. We watched the amazing second grader grow to be about 5’6” and the struggling basketball player grow to be 6’9.”  How quickly someone grasps a skill should never cause parents and coaches to make strong predictions about future talent.
4.       Talent experts can tell early on who the talented players will be.
This also is a complex question. The answer is yes and no.  We have had a number of professional athletes come to camp as younger players. There is definitely a difference in these students—they are intentional, have great passion, high-level work ethic, mental toughness, and genetics.  We’ve also had a number of kids come who people have discounted.  Players who don’t have the belief of their coaches or even their parents and yet have gone on to play at a professional level. Talent is still a beautiful mystery and making strong statements of who is and who is not talented is very dangerous.
5.       Basketball players who want to be great should specialize only in basketball at a young age.
This is an easy no for us to answer. Actually, research on body development has discovered specializing in one sport at an early age can cause significant damage and overuse injuries. That being said, we do recommend certain sports pairing that act together to balance overall athletic talent.  Soccer is a great pairing with basketball as is volleyball, swimming, and track and field. These sports help enhance the overall development as a basketball player.  Ballet is actually an amazing contributor to athletic talent but it is a hard sell especially to the male basketball crowd. Diversity in training is key to overall athletic talent and balance.


Bottom line, NBC Camps is about helping you walk away from our programs a stronger player and a stronger person. That goal is a two way street. We provide great teaching, quality staff and the expertise on how to help you reach your goals. You need to come with the passion, work ethic and attitude to make that amazing combination of success happen. If you love basketball enough to work hard, you need to be at NBC Basketball Camps. We want to help you reach your goals.  Find out more about our program at

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