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Dangers of Too Much Ferocity in Basketball

Basketball is meant to be played with ferocity but too much can cause you and your team troubles. 

Part of emotional discernment and maturity of character is the ability to know when to be fierce and when to be gentle and the ability to not make fierceness the opposite of good sportsmanship.  A wise person is respectful with people and fierce with values such as follow-through, respect, generosity, courage. We make unwise decisions when we are too fierce or harsh with people and too gentle on values. 

Teams who are too fierce can get into foul trouble quickly. They can lose momentum if their ferocity takes them over the edge.  Fierceness can make us too reactive and cause us to lose our cool and get taken out of the game.

3 Ways to Balance Fierceness and Being Level-Headed

1.       Use your fierceness to maintain your level of calm. Channel your intensity into the habit of a mentally tough mind. This will strengthen you mentally by not allowing your fire to consume you. Contain the blaze and focus the heat in the right direction. Have word triggers to develop this habit. “Calm but on fire”  “Unshakable mental toughness” “I am in the zone”

2.       Never make it personal. People who become fierce because sports becomes personal end up getting out of hand. Be strong in the paradox that you can be a tough, aggressive player who has gratitude for your opponent. It’s easy to try and become more intense by vilifying the other team. Don’t use cheap methods to become a stronger player. Your intensity must originate from a more noble purpose.

3.       Nothing to prove. Players who get out of hand often are trying to prove something. The chip on the shoulder always impedes success. It can motivate for a time, but in the long run will weigh us down. If you play with fierceness with nothing to prove, you will remain in control.
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