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Daring on the Basketball Court

Basketball requires tenacity, courage, and verve. It cannot be played meekly or apathetically.

Great basketball requires risk. Interestingly, those who hate to make mistakes or take risks often underperform on the court.  A great shooter only makes about 50-60% of their shots. You must be willing to risk to be a great player and trying to be perfect isn’t the answer.

According to research, the average person living in North America or Europe is living in the safest time in human history, however, the average person is living with more anxiety and stress than ever before.  How does our stress affect us? Unfortunately, it creates a proclivity to eliminate risk which is actually a very dangerous outcome. By eliminating all risk, we create habits of fear rather than courage. 

Take time to explore the word “dare.”  Dare means the will to risk or attempt something even in the face of adversity, difficulty or danger.   Most people think of the word “dare” relating primarily to physical risk; trying something new, doing something that pumps the adrenaline such as skydiving or zip lining. But “dare” can also be connected to mental courage such as the will to overcome challenges, strive for excellence and risk failure.

Advances in basketball skill happen in proportion to your willingness to work on what you aren’t good at. Many players only want to work on the “fun” skills.  Skills which are not easy or uncomfortable get labeled “boring.” To the great athlete, there are no boring drills if they understand the why. Dare to push yourself into areas of discomfort or weakness.

About NBC Basketball Camps

NBC Basketball is based on the principle that Nothing Beats Commitment and your life is a reflection of what you are committed to.  If you want to commit to a life of excellence on and off the court, NBC Basketball is the best place for you. NBC Basketball focuses on commitment to gratitude, grit, resilience, mental toughness, servant leadership, personal faith and the drive to help everyone around you become better players and better people. NBC Basketball Camps offers intensive summer training camps because we believe that summertime is the perfect place to test out a new move or to experiment. During the season, your coach may require strictness within the offense. Use summer camps to help you break out of old routines. For more information about NBC Basketball visit

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