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Improve Your Pace of Life

"A wise person paces him or herself; the ignorant have only two speeds; hysterical and lethargic."
The average person and the average family is under a great deal of stress and pressure predominately created by their "pace of life."  According to Oxford Dictionary “Stress is a state of affair involving demand on physical or mental energy".  The rush from one activity to the next, the pressure of arriving on time, navigating traffic, multiple schedules and commitments leave many of us "stressed-out." 
Athletes and parents of athletes need to evaluate their life pace. Here are some key areas to stop and consider.
Physical Pace of Life

Evaluating your athletic pace is crucial for future performance. NBC Camps meets with certified trainers each year to consider what recommendations we can give athletes. Trainers are concerned about the rising number of injuries they are encountering in athletes.  Athletes who only focus on one sport are more susceptible to stress injuries.
Trainers are also concerned with younger students encountering more serious stress and diet related diseases such as heart attacks, obesity, and diabetes.  Sleeping less, eating meals on the go, not taking time for more healthy options, all contribute to families wrestling with stress and pace of life.
**Questions to consider:**

  • Do you alternate your work-outs to prevent stress injuries?
  • Do you work-out beyond your ability and then have to rest and recuperate?
  • Do you trick yourself into believing you are in better shape than you actually are?
  • Do you eat healthy every day?
  • Do you go to bed at a regular time?
  • Do you get at least eight solid hours of sleep each night?
  • Is your life style active or sedentary?

Relational Pace of life
Being independent and self-sufficient is commendable but the pace of personal freedom can have a huge affect on the quality of our relationships.  When everyone in the family becomes devoted to fulfilling their individual life dreams and goals, the pace accelerates. The pressured schedule leaves little room for meaningful dialogue. The faster our pace of life, the less time we have for relationships.
**Questions to consider:**

  • How much time to do you spend in one-on-one conversation with each member of your family?
  • At meal time, how much time is spent talking to each other and getting to know each other better?
  • Has facebook, texting and emails taken the place of face to face time together?
  • Do you feel lonely in your own home or team?
  • Do you value the importance of building friendship enough?

Spiritual Pace of Life

Our life on earth is compared to a race, not a sprint but a marathon. If our pace of life is a sprint, our spiritual life suffers. You can't "cram" for a marathon like you might for a test. Similarly, our spiritual life isn't something to cram for.  The beauty of a spiritual life is in the daily training. Taking time to pray, to be silent, to study the Bible and to consider our life is important to spiritual health.
**Questions to consider:**

  • How much time do you take to be "alone with God"?
  • What is your spiritual pace-- steady, long pause then a sprint followed by a long pause, non-existent?
  • What gives you inner strength?
  • How does your spiritual pace affect your relational and physical pace?

1. Write down all your tasks and eliminate as much as you can for one month.
2. Have a mentor help you evaluate your life pace and suggest changes.
3. Call a family meeting and make a plan to improve your relational family pace.
4. Meet with a trainer or family physician and set goals to improve your physical pace.


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