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Key Ways to Become a Fantastic Family Member

Being a fantastic family member requires the same intentional energy output as becoming a fantastic basketball player.  Energy is a sign of health. If a team has no energy to work out, it will be a poor team.  If a famtily has no energy to live this life well together, it is going to be a troubled family.  

Being a fantastic family member requires the discipline to build quality energy habits at home. Unfortunately, it is easy to build destructive energy habits such as isolating, avoiding conversation, and fighting. Without a plan, we tend to make poor choices when we are tired, lonely, hungry or angry. Home often is the place we drop our guard. We return after a long day hoping to let down. We can become angry because our house or people in it don’t meet our expectations. We tend to pick poor ways to improve our energy:

  • Sugar—makes us more tired
  • TV and media—increases brain fatigue
  • Fighting—temporarily boosts adrenaline and makes us feel better but then we feel more isolated and in pain.

Solve this energy crisis by creating healthy energy habits for your home. Drink water and eat something that fuels your body immediately. Do not try and problem solve until you have finished dinner. Most arguments and fighting happen right before the dinner hour. Postpone any potentially argumentative issues until after you eat. Carve out time to be together as a family for fun conversation. Do not use this time to strategize schedules, or “to do” lists. Use this time to laugh and dream together.

Here are some great conversations to have together:

  • What's brought you joy lately?
  • Name someone you admire and why.
  • Recall a favorite family memory together.
  • What is one of your favorite—sports moments, books, characters, movies, places to travel?

The possibilities are limitless. Building a habit of fun time together will increase your energy and love for life. Your family deserves your best self, not the leftovers. Your energy to build a great family will be energy that comes back to you tenfold.


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