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Three Ways Your Coaching Can Have Make a Big Impact

Basketball coaches have an incredible impact on the lives around them for good and for bad.  We talk with hundreds of campers and many say their coach has been one of the biggest life influencers. The best ones have a positive impact which lasts a lifetime.  The worse ones can be a source of bitterness for many years after the time spent on the court. 

Here are a few ways to improve your positive impact as a coach:

Be quick to listen

Listen not only to what your players are saying out of their mouth but with their body. What is their posture toward you, is it open and trusting, or closed off and defensive? Your willingness to be aware of what your kids are saying to you verbally and nonverbally will make you a stronger coach.

Adapt the message

Hearing is selective and extremely challenging. You can give the same message to 10 people and have 10 different responses. Studies show people receive information through a complex internal grid.  A girl on your team who has a very negative relationship with one of her parents is going to hear you differently than a girl who gets along at home.  Work to see life through the eyes of your players and adjust what you are saying to help make sure there is no miscommunication.


Does your coaching build courage into the lives of those you coach? Pure and simple.  Does every player on your team regardless of their position on the team feel that playing for you has made them a better player and a stronger leader? If not, find out what you can do to be that kind of coach.

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