NBC Volleyball Camps Whitworth University

NBC Volleyball Camps Whitworth University
NBC Volleyball Camps Whitworth University

NBC Volleyball Camps offers 3 types of volleyball camps at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington.

NBC Volleyball Camp in Spokane, Washington offers camps for both the beginner and advanced athlete. Improve your serving, passing, defense, hitting, leadership, mental toughness, volleyball IQ and an overall understanding of the game. This camp offers intensive skill instruction and is perfect for those who love volleyball enough to work hard to get better. Athletes are placed in training groups based on age and ability. 

Highlights Include

  • Quality staff invest in making a difference in a camper's game and life
  • Intensity and fun make a unique and electric environment
  • An atmosphere based on intensity, self-confidence, Christian Values and enthusiasm ensures campers come home not only stronger players but also stronger people
  • Many campers continue on to compete at the college level
  • Whitworth University's excellent facility provides a quality camp experience
  • 6 - 10 hours of instruction for overnight campers, skill development, game, tournaments and leadership training
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Dates & Prices

Meet Camp Coaches

Camp Director

Doris Norris

Doris Norris has been involved with NBC Camps for several years and has been a director for the past four years.

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Doris is the director of the very well known Sideout Volleyball club. Recently she was recently inducted into Whitworth University Heritage Gallery Hall of Fame. During her career she was First Team-All-Conference and Three-time Regional All-Star.

More Coaches
College players and coaches

College players and coaches

We select outstanding people we believe are of high integrity and character, work ethic and willingness to pour their lives into helping athletes be their best. We work hard to hire...

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We select outstanding people we believe are of high integrity and character, work ethic and willingness to pour their lives into helping athletes be their best. We work hard to hire College players, College and high school coaches and dynamic competent teachers of the game.

The NBC Difference
Unlike other camp programs where skills training falls under the expertise of the camp director, NBC Camps has built a program of training to help each camper walk out of camp a better player and person.  Our site directors work as event managers helping to run a great week of camp and facilitating the implementation of our specific camp expectations.  Our volleyball instruction is based on skill curriculum and talent development we believe are essential to take your game to the next level.  Coaching at camp is much different than coaching a team.  Since 1980, our goal is to give you the best volleyball and life skills instruction possible.

NBC Camps coaches are known for their hard work, great attitude, and commitment to helping you reach your potential on and off the court.  Our curriculum focuses on helping you master even the most difficult skills as well as developing leadership, mental toughness, and confidence.

Coach the game at a world-class level.  FAB 4
• Be skilled
• Play with quickness and intensity
• Play Smart
• Finish the play
Teach by living valuable skills for life.   LIFE 4
• Build your talent
• Live with love & intensity
• Be smart by seeking out wisdom
• Finish strong, never give up

TEC Method
The ability to know, understand and apply is the heart of NBC’s Teach, Encourage, Correct method.  True teaching takes place when the student knows how to reproduce the skill and self-correct the skill when it is wrong.

Camp Details

The camp at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington is offering 3 types of volleyball camps. These camps are designed for all skill levels, beginner to advanced.  to find out more information about the volleyball camps at this location for summer 2016, including what to bring, check-in times and more details, please click below.

More Important Camp Details


Complete Player Volleyball Camp
Dates: July 6 - July 9
Age Group: Girls 11 – 18 years old
Check-in Time: 1:00 pm on July 6
Parent Orientation: 1:15 pm
Intensity Night: Wednesday at 8:30 pm
Closing Program: 3:00 – 4:00pm on July 9

Volleyball INTENSIVE Camp
Dates: July 22 - July 24
Age Group: Girls 14 – 18 years old
Check-in Time: 12:30 pm on July 22
Parent Orientation: 1:15 pm
Intensity Night: N/A
Closing Program: 3:00 – 4:00 pm on July 24

Intro Volleyball Evening Camp
Date:  July 22 - July 24
Daily Times:  5:30 pm - 8:30 pm 
Age Group: Girls 8 - 12 years old
What to bring:  Signed Medical Release Waiver, athletic shoes, and water bottle.
Check-in Time: 5:00 pm on July 22
Parent Orientation:  5:30 pm on July 22
Intensity Station:  N/A
Closing Program:  8:00 pm - 8:30 pm on July 24


Complete Player Volleyball Camps - Camp offers training in all aspects of the sport including leadership and confidence training.  NBC's Complete Player volleyball curriculum is all encompassing to help athletes develop and master skills to play the game of volleyball with excellence.  Complete Player camps offer overnight (complete program training) and extended day options for those who commute to and from camp each morning and evening.

Volleyball INTENSIVE Camp - This is an advanced weekend camp designed as a supplement teaching to the Complete Player Camp which includes crucial strength and core training specifically for volleyball athletes. This camp teaches you drills to improve your power, vertical and overall athletic ability to maximize your performance as a player.

Evening Intro Camp - This camp is perfect for the younger and/or beginning volleyball player.  These camps help reinforce accurate technique and form.  Learning a skill right the first time is crucial to success.  Re-training the body is a very difficult task.  NBC Staff works with campers to lay the foundation for future excellence.

Roommates for this site need to be requested before camp begins. If you have no preference we will match you with a camper of the same gender and similar age. Contact nbc@nbccamps.com if you need to add a roommate request.

Please note our schedule is rigorous. Our Evening Programs involve motivational speakers, skits, music, and high energy entertainment designed to encourage you to be the best you can be. Instructional time is intense and puts you in the action with great drills that keep you interested and challenged. Because the emphasis is on improving your skills, you'll be playing games and more games.


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Whitworth University's 200-acre campus of red brick buildings and tall pines offers a beautiful, inviting and secure environment. Campers will be staying at the University's nice older dorms. Each room has 2 beds available with nearby private shower facilities. These rooms are not air-conditioned and we suggest you bring a fan. The quality cafeteria facility provides an all-you-can-eat salad bar with fresh fruit, hot entrees with beverage, sandwich and cereal stations. Campus security is on call 24 hours a day. Evening programs are held in the gorgeous campus auditorium. Whitworth has five gyms available on campus with plenty of floor space for games and training. Campers alternate being bussed to nearby local gyms to provide maximum competition. Whitworth is located seven miles north of downtown Spokane, Washington.

NBC Camps was founded in 1971. Formerly Northwest Basketball Camp, NBC Camps expanded in 1979 to the sport of volleyball. Volleyball camps are located in Alaska, Alberta, California, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, and Washington and rent facilities to conduct camp in these areas. NBC Camps combines excellence in sports with superior life skills training focusing on becoming the best athlete you can be on and off the court.

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 7:45 am Breakfast
  • 8:45 am Extended Day Camper arrival/All camp meeting
  • 9:00 am AM Session: precision passing, serving tough, how to have a killer attack, rotation
  • 12:00 pm Lunch
  • 1:00 pm Afternoon Session: 6v6 drills and games and fundamental skill work
  • 5:00 pm Dinner
  • 6:30 pm PM Session: dig, blocking, principles of 3v3 volleyball
  • 8:00 pm Evening program/ - NBC Leadership Training and Player Advancement
  • 9:00 pm Team discussions
  • 9:30 pm Extended Day Campers dismissal
  • 10:30 pm Lights Out

Camper Reviews

Hannah B.Camper Complete Player

  • 5/5.
All Instructors were 100% Committed

All the Instructors were 100% committed and amazing, full of encouragement. Improvements made in volleyball skills and many life lessons learned. NBC Volleyball Camp at Whitworth was the full package!

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Nalina M.Camper Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Life Changing!

Made it a life changing,growing experience that hardly any camps offer. I will be forever grateful for he things i learned through this camp!

Emma V.Camper Complete Player

  • 5/5.
It Was Great!

The encouragement was great and also they had great facilities.  

Tanaya A.Parent Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Great Teaching and Leadership!

Not only did they teach great volleyball skills, but leadership skills and also life skills.

Trista G.Camper Complete Player

  • 4/5.
I Liked Camp

Kody R.Camper Complete Player

  • 2/5.
Camp was OK.


  • 5/5.
Best of the best

NBC camps are the best of the best. You will not find another camp that will train and inspire your athlete as well as the staff at NBC. My daughter has attended 6 camps and she always walks away feeling grateful, rededicated, and focused. 

Paige R.Camper

  • 5/5.
Love Camp!

I loved NBC camp. The staff is amazing and my skills improved so much! The varsity coach at my high school said he noticed a huge improvement. I will be back again next year for the complete camp and Power camp. I attended both this year and LOVED them both. 


  • 5/5.
Well worth it

NBC Camps are well worth the investment. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the experience and is a better player for her effort.


  • 5/5.
Great experience

This camp is a great learning experience and will definitely help you become a better player. They have a great coaching staff and they help make everything fun. 

Cirri C.Camper

  • 5/5.
Learned so much

This volleyball camp taught me so much! I definitely think I improved by coming to this camp. You have to come with an open mind to learn and you can't be so hard on yourself if you don't get it right away! 


  • 5/5.
Great skills training

This was my first NBC Camp experience and I think every athlete should attend one of these camps. The coaches work you hard, but you develop skills that you didn't come to camp with or perfect the ones you already had. It was AWESOME! 


  • 5/5.
Driven to be great

I really appreciate NBC Camps. I have been involved for three years now. This camp pushes you so hard to do your best. You won't regret this camp. If you want to push yourself extremely hard you will get so much out of this camp. I personally learned that I can push myself harder than I think. Also, encouragement is key if you want to do well. 


  • 5/5.
Inspiring and Motivating

This camp inspired and motivated my daughter in such positive ways! She would call me each night gushing about how awesome the training and staff was as well as the new friends and inspirational activities she was involved in. I would definitely recommend this camp to any student athlete!


  • 4/5.
Well-organized and professional

Camp was very organized, had a glitch at registration but it was handled professionally and quickly, the staff and coaches were wonderful.

Madison H. camper

  • 5/5.
Made the team

I attended your volleyball camp in Spokane. It was my first time learning how to play volleyball. I LEARNED SO MUCH FROM YOU GUYS!!! EACH ONE OF YOU ARE GREAT! This past week has been nerve wrecking. I actually tried out for my school volleyball team. There were 40 girls trying out for the team, and only 12 of them would make it. I did my best. And guess what? My hard work paid off. Out of the 28 girls that were cut; I was one of the 12 on the team. It's all thanks to you guys! You had an amazing staff. That was caring for me. And each one of the girls there were kind enough to help me.

Sarah M.camper

  • 5/5.
Learned a lot

 Thank you NBC Volleyball for a wonderful experience, I had so much fun and learned a lot about myself and volleyball. I can't wait until I get to come back next year!

Miranda H.camper

  • 5/5.
Had a blast

 I'm 11 and this was my first overnight sport camp. Because the staff was so welcoming and coaches paid so much attention to us I felt safe the whole time and had a blast. I learned so much from the coaches. I can't wait for next year!


  • 5/5.
I love NBC Camps

My camp experience at NBC camps was so much fun! The Intensity night was my favorite. I don't thing I've ever sweat so hard before. All the coaches kept everyone at camp pumped up. I definitely learned a lot over the 4 nights I was there, and if I could've, I would've stayed longer!!! Not only did we play volleyball all day long, but we also had evening programs where we learned how to be a better player from the inside out, have a more positive perspective and attitude towards our teammates and the people around us, and how to be a powerful, more electric player. I love NBC Camps, and I’m definitely coming back next year-no doubt! smile


  • 5/5.
Staff is always encouraging

 I love the NBC camps. They help me on my skills for playing and on my character. The staff is always encouraging and happy. I can honestly say that NBC camps has helped me with my skills for sports and for life.


  • 5/5.
Becoming the best

NBC Camps do a great job instilling Christian values while working on becoming the best athlete you can be. It is about the whole person and not just the athlete.

Camp Dates & Prices

Programs: Complete Player Volleyball Camp
Age Group: 11 - 18
Gender: Girls
Extended hours of operation are 8:00am - 9:15pm. Although CHECK-IN the first day will be the same as the overnight campers (see the details tab) please check with staff for the exact hours each day for this location. Be sure to note the ending day program and release times.
Overnight $465.00
Availability: Open

Extended Day $415.00
Availability: Open

* Please note, times may vary on the first and last day of camp.
Programs: Volleyball INTENSIVE Camp
Age Group: 14 - 18
Gender: Girls
Limited to 45 female athletes.
Overnight $315.00
Availability: Open

* Please note, times may vary on the first and last day of camp.
Programs: Intro Volleyball Skills Evening Camp
Age Group: 8 - 12
Gender: Girls
Daily Camp Hours are 5:30pm - 8:30pm.
Day $135.00
Availability: Open

* Please note, times may vary on the first and last day of camp.
For additional camp information and dates call us at 1-800-406-3926 we would be happy to help you.