Olds College - Olds AB Basketball Camps

Olds College - Olds AB Basketball Camps
Olds College - Olds AB Basketball Camps

Olds College, in Olds, Alberta is host to the most popular overnight basketball camp in Canada. We will help you become the best player and person you can be. Located 45 minutes north of Calgary, campers will improve their skills and their confidence.

Nothing compares to the atmosphere at NBC Basketball Camps. The majority of campers who attend NBC in Olds come from the Calgary area but campers from all over Alberta and Western Canada attend to learn, compete and have fun at Olds College. Thousands of campers have attended NBC in Olds over the last 30 years. It's not your average basketball camp. NBC coaches invest in your life and in your game, which means big improvements in your basketball skills this summer. You won't find anything like the intensity, enthusiasm, skill training and fun of NBC Basketball Camps.

Highlights Include

  • Premier basketball instruction by some of the best coaches in Alberta
  • Motivational and fun evening program each night featuring videos, games, speakers
  • Competition at every level. Whether you are an elite player or a beginner there are always several other athletes who are right where you're at.
  • Atmosphere of enthusiasm, Christian values and hard work
  • Outstanding cafeteria with lots of options and delicious food
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Dates & Prices

Meet Camp Coaches

Camp Director

Derek Wolf

Derek Wolf has been a camper, coach and master teacher at NBC Camps for 10 years.  He played University basketball at Thompson Rivers and Mount Royal where he was a stand out point guard.  

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Derek recently graduated from the University of Lethbridge with his education degree.  He is currently a school teacher in Calgary.  Derek is getting married in June of 2019.   

More Directors & Coaches

Shawn Stetson

Shawn works full time at NBC Camps as the Canada Director. He has run NBC Olds since 2001, and now oversees several NBC locations throughout North America.

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 A former basketball player at the University of Calgary, he is passionate about creating an amazing camp experience for kids who come to NBC.


NBC Coaching Staff

We select outstanding people we believe are of high integrity and character, work ethic and willingness to pour their lives into helping athletes be their best. We work hard to hire...

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We select outstanding people we believe are of high integrity and character, work ethic and willingness to pour their lives into helping athletes be their best. We work hard to hire college players and coaches, along with high school coaches who are dynamic and competent teachers of the game.

The NBC Difference
Unlike other camp programs where skills training falls under the expertise of the camp director, NBC Camps has built a program of training to help each camper walk out of camp a better player and person.  Our site directors work as event managers helping to run a great week of camp and facilitating the implementation of our specific camp expectations.   Our basketball instruction is based on skill curriculum and talent development we believe are essential to take your game to the next level.   Though coaching styles and drills may change, our master teachers receive DVDs, lesson plans, and detailed training on how to maximize this week of camp.  Coaching at camp is much different than coaching a team.  With over 40 years experience, our goal is to give you the best basketball and life skills instruction possible.

Coach the game at a world class level.  FAB 4
• Protect the ball
• Play with quickness and intensity
• Play Smart
• Finish the play

Teach by living valuable skills for life.   LIFE 4
• Guard your heart
• Live with love & intensity
• Be smart by seeking out wisdom
• Finish strong, never give up

TEC Method
The ability to know, understand and apply is the heart of NBC’s Teach, Encourage, Correct method.  True teaching takes place when the student knows how to reproduce the skill and self-correct the skill when it is wrong.

Camp Details

NBC Basketball Camps in Olds, Alberta offers three camp options for basketball skill training. Find out more about these camps including camp times, and camp descriptions by clicking on the "more details" button below.

More Details


Complete Player Basketball Camp 
Dates: July 28 - 31
Daily Times: Overnight | Extended Day 8:30am- 9:30pm
Age Group: Boys and Girls 10-16 years old 

Complete Player Basketball Camp 
Dates: August 6 - 9
Daily Times: Overnight | Extended Day 8:30am- 9:30pm
Age Group: Boys and Girls 10-16 years old 

Complete Player INTENSIVE Basketball  Camp - Competitive Emphasis
Dates: August 11 - 15
Daily Times: Overnight | Extended Day 8:30am- 9:30pm
Age Group: Boys and Girls 12-18 years old

NBC Camps at Olds College has become the most popular basketball camp in the country and helped produce some of the most skilled high school and college athletes in the province. NBC teaches basic basketball fundamentals to less experienced kids and challenges advanced players with instruction to match their skills.


Complete Player Basketball Camps
Complete Player Camps focus on total skill development from offense to defense, team skills, and athleticism. Complete Player camps train the beginner to advanced basketball player to become excellent. Camps include Intensity Night, games and tournaments, personal skill and athletic assessment. Training includes comprehensive basketball skill instruction, goal setting, leadership, developing confidence and mental toughness, the importance of personal faith and how to elevate your life and your game.

Complete Player Basketball Camps - Competition Emphasis
Complete Player camps with a Competition Emphasis are for athletes ages 12-18. We recommend that your son or daughter attend a Complete Player Camp first, though this is not required if they are able to meet three of the following criteria.

1. They are in good shape and can play 6 to 8 hours per day.  2. They are a good athlete.  3. They have played basketball for at least 3 years.  4. They have competed on an organized team.      



Get amazing gear at a discounted cost and pick it up at camp when you arrive.  Sweatshirt, reversible performance jersey, and super cool basketball backpack for $205 CAD or the Premium Package for $230 CAD with performance shorts. Hoopgear price includes shipping and tax.  Plus add the one-of-a-kind Crowell Pure Shooting Ball designed by NBC Founder Fred Crowell as a great tool to improve shooting for $45 CAD addition. Call 1-800-406-3926 to order your gear or select it when you register online.



Olds College is located in the small town of Olds, Alberta. The new Ralph Klein Centre is home to a 3 court gym allowing campers to stay almost exclusively on the site. These rooms do not have linen and bedding provided and are not air-conditioned and we suggest you bring a fan. The college food service is excellent and provides multiple all-you-can-eat entrees for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Olds College Dorms

Built in 2015, Olds College now boasts immaculate new facilities with hotel-like accommodations which include a private shower, toilet, and sink for each room. All dorm rooms have one double bed, therefore, when you register for the camp you will have three options to chose from for your dorm room request.

Your three Dorm Room options are:

  1. Single room - $50 upgrade

  2. Share a double bed

  3. Share a room. One roommate sleeps on a cot. (rock/paper/scissors)

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 7:15am Wake Up
  • 7:30am Ball-handling
  • 8:00am Breakfast
  • 8:40am Morning Word of Wisdom
  • 9:00am Morning Training Session
  • 12:00pm Lunch
  • 1:30pm Afternoon Game Session
  • 5:00pm Supper
  • 6:30pm Evening Activities (Intensity Stations, 3 on 3, NBC Olympics etc)
  • 8:00pm All Camp Program
  • 9:00pm Team Groups
  • 10:15pm Lights Out

Camper Reviews

Ava M.Camper Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Great experience!

I love NBC! It's a great experience and like a home away from home. I love getting the opportunity to work hard and learn at the same time. This week I had a goal of never stopping. The coaches helped me by telling me to get lower or to get my hands up higher. Thanks coaches!

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Tristan H. Camper Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Great atmosphere

The atmosphere makes camp an experience only understood through being there. 

Emily R.Camper Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Great coaches!

I learned that no matter what, I have the ability to keep pushing myself to reach my goal. All the coaches were nice and fun to get to know. My coach was always so supportive, encouraging, hard working, and inspiring.

Will B Camper

  • 5/5.
Daily Emails.

My mother enjoyed and appreciated the daily emails from the camp director.

Theryn R Parent

  • 4/5.
Lots of Fun!

It was really good and my son had lots of fun. NBC really helped him improve not only in basketball but in life skills.

Janaya G Camper

  • 5/5.

What I like most about NBC is the communication between everyone, how much hard work everyone puts in, and how encouraging everyone is.

Shayanna S Camper

  • 4/5.

Great atmosphere, well organized, great location

Lucas P Camper

  • 5/5.
Very Best!

The coaches were friendly and fun to hang with, but when it was time to train and "get better" they pushed us to our very best.

Jhana V Camper

  • 4/5.
Team Spirit!

NBC did great at teaching player enthusiasm, game spirit and team spirit.

Will BCamper

  • 5/5.
Well Organized.

Great coaching, effective drills, well organized.

Johan DCamper

  • 4/5.
Work Hard!

Camp pushed me to work harder and challenged me. 

Susie RCamper

  • 5/5.
The sense of team.

I want to come back because I love the sense of team and it helps me with my game. 

Madison MCamper

  • 4/5.
Learned a lot.

I enjoyed how the camp not only taught me basketball skills, but life lessons as well. I learned a lot about myself and grew as a person. 

Grace FCamper

  • 5/5.
Great Experience!

Camp was a great experience to make new friends and learn new skills.

Keowen BCamper

  • 4/5.

Camp gave me motivation. 

Rachel JCamper

  • 5/5.

It was an amazing experience. 

Larry S.Parent

  • 5/5.
So impressed

I have never been more impressed at any camp as I was when I attended the demonstrating at the end of the camp for parents. Other sports organizations should really consider adopting the leadership and direction this camp has; emphasizing the importance of off-court leadership, friendships, social pressures and dedication. I was impressed how the girls responded to the coaches, who commanded a great amount of respect and attention at all times. Well done NBC!”

Brooke WCamper complete Player

  • 5/5.

NBC Olds was not only an amazing camp for improving my skill as a player but also improving who I am and my everyday life. I was able to find determination and perseverance within myself that I didn't know I had. I came away from NBC a better person than I was when I arrived and I have recommended it to my friends and teammates.

  • 4/5.

They had options like morning runs, lunch shooting and dinner stretching to help make you better and the dorms and facilities were really nice. The coaches also were really experienced and focused on making me better.

Adam M.Camper Complete Player Intensive

  • 5/5.
Competition at NBC.

I really liked the drills and the competition at NBC Olds. The camp did very well at encouraging me to want to get better. The camp did well at picking fun drills that still built you as a good player. The camp did well at never having a dull moment. We always had something to do.

Braeden B.Camper Complete Player

  • 4/5.
Great camp

Overall great camp! Coaches were great, drills were challenging and loved the experience.

Tracy O.Parent Complete Player

  • 5/5.
I Loved Camp!

My daughter came back learning a lot not only about basketball but how important it was to be selfless. I think it's wonderful that being a good person is emphasized so much. Great job NBC Olds!

Lubenson P.Parent Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Experience Was Awesome!

Our experience was awesome. Organization during first day was so great!

Anna J.Parent Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Great Coaches!

A wonderful way to immerse my son in a week of basketball and fun! 

Austin S.Parent Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Amazing Camp!

I loved camp and can't wait for next year!

Dominic V.Parent Complete Player

  • 4/5.
I Liked Camp!

The counselors are great. The director is amazing! My son always comes home with improved skills. It is very organized and well done.

KieranCamper Complete Player

  • 4/5.
Good Plan!

They have a really good plan and setup. Also the camp helps me improve a ton! 

Shauna W.Parent Complete Player

  • 4/5.
Excellent instruction!

I really like the inclusion of family and encouragement of whole person development. The instruction was excellent.

Hannah B.Camper Total

  • 4/5.
I Liked Camp!

NBC Olds help players get the skills to improve. They are encouraging. I would like more time to lift weights

Brendon G.Parent Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Coaches Were Great!

Smiley, educated and skilled coaches. They seemed sincerely concerned about our kids. 

Sandra O.Parent Complete Player

  • 3/5.
Life Skills!

I like the fact that the themes are always tied into life skills not just sports. When the kids are busy at camp there is no time to get homesick, there was not much free time.

Andrew H.Camper Complete Player

  • 5/5.
I Loved Camp!

I learned so much and I can't wait to come back.

Diane S.Parent Total

  • 5/5.
Loved Camp!

The coaches really put in time to know my son and made him feel like they were invested. 

Don R.Parent

  • 5/5.
Really impressed

Having attended intensity night, I left stunned at how engaged the kids were at participating in such hard work. The attitude of the coaches and all the kids was very impressive.

Sara P. Camper

  • 5/5.

I cannot believe the energy of everyone there! It was an amazing experience and I was able to learn so much.


Allen P.Camper

  • 5/5.
Loved it

The coaches are great! They know their stuff and make it not only a great basketball experience but a great life experience as well. It was so much fun I was sorry the week was over!

Alexander T.Parent

  • 5/5.

The instructors are very skilled and helpful with the campers. They created a positive atmosphere and helped my son with his confidence. He was inspired and will definitely come to future camps.

Avaline L.Parent

  • 5/5.
Fabulous experience

When I picked my son up the first thing he said was "I want to go back next summer." NBC was a fabulous experience.

Brianna G.Camper

  • 4/5.
Loved camp

I just really like camp, and the coaches and meeting new friends! My favorite part of camp is all the evening programs and even intensity night.

Kennedy S.Camper

  • 5/5.
Great experience

NBC camps was a great experience for me because I learned lots not just on basketball but on life it taught me to make good decisions.

Jessica F.Camper

  • 4/5.
Really valuable

NBC helped me fall back in love with the game. They made it fun again and helped show me what was really important.

Sarah W.Camper

  • 5/5.
Made me better

Camp always pushes me to work my hardest and push past personal boundaries. It refocuses my goals and helps me think about some decisions I'm going to have to make about my future.

Jillian Y.Camper

  • 5/5.

Lots of fun, learned lots about my sport (basketball), people are great, coaches are knowledgeable, met some new friends and just lots of fun!

Debbie M. Parent

  • 5/5.
Still talking

Both my daughters are still talking about their experience at the Olds camp this summer and are looking forward to next summer's camps (we are having to work our trip to Hawaii around next years positions camp).

Isleta R. Parent

  • 5/5.
Genuine Commitment

This was my sons first time at an NBC camp and he had a wonderful experience. The caliber of instruction and character building was second to none and he will definitely be back next year and plans to attend the VA in Edmonton throughout the year. I was so moved by the closing parent program and the genuine commitment to our children and their families was evident. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who make these life giving experiences for our children possible.

Cindy K.Parent

  • 5/5.
well informed

Never have I felt so informed regarding a sporting activity for my child,- and I have 6 children so this says alot.

Brad B.Parent

  • 5/5.
Most phenomenal camp

The most phenomenal camp my daughters have ever attended. My oldest has attended 4 years in a row and we'll be back again next year!!!

Emma H.Camper

  • 5/5.
Fantastic atmosphere

I came to camp expecting to feel outdone by everyone. I don’t have as much experience as other girls and thought for sure I would constantly be feeling intimidated or inadequate. Instead I was met by many other people who came there with the same motive. To learn. It was a fantastic atmosphere filled with positive attitudes and wonderful people. Not once was I discouraged, even when I didn’t follow a drill there were always people there to help me. It was fun, while we learned. A perfect combination.

Rita A.Parent

  • 5/5.
No other camp compares

There is no other camp in Alberta that we have found that took our kids to this level of basketball and citizenship. Come prepared for a hard core basketball challenge.

Bill K.Camper

  • 5/5.
Fantastic experience

It’s rare and refreshing to experience the benefits of hard work, discipline and laughter all under one roof and in only 5 days! NBC is a fantastic experience!

Peter R.Parent

  • 4/5.
Welcoming environment

 As the parent of a first-time camper, I was most impressed with the organization and welcoming environment when we got there. On the final day, I was thrilled to see how excited my daughter was after the five days - from the new skills she developed in the game, but also the emotional growth she experienced.

Katelyn L.Camper

  • 5/5.
Better player and person

 As a camper of 4 years, I can say that NBC Camps has changed me into a better person. Not only have my basketball skills increased dramatically, but I believe I've become a much better person to everyone around me and have strengthened my relationship with God. I can't wait till NBC every summer because I meet so many new people. The coaches are definitely one of the greatest parts of camp because they're there for you for anything and you really become great friends with them.

Laura G.Parent

  • 5/5.
Scheduled for next summer

NBC camp was a fantastic experience for my son. He appreciated the positive, encouraging environment, and the intensity of the physical training and skills work. The focus of striving for excellence in all areas of life with instructors demonstrating this in their behavior and interactions with campers made the experience positive on all levels. We will be looking at the schedule for next summer! Thank you.

Katie L.Camper

  • 5/5.
Changed my life

NBC camp changed my life, I found out a lot about myself as a person as well as a player. At camp you get to interact with people who are similar to you as well as different from you. The coaches are T-U-F-F tuff, and I would recommend this camp to all basketball players. 


  • 5/5.
Best weeks of my life

NBC camp was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Over the week I went, I learned more about basketball, but more importantly about myself, then i could ever imagine. All of the coaches were amazingly friendly, and it was so easy to talk to them about anything. I made a ton of new friends at camp, many whom I have kept in touch with, and a few who I think I will see on the court this year. Thank you NBC for one of the best weeks of my life!!!

Clinic Dates & Prices

Programs: Complete Player Camp

Age Group: 10 - 16
Gender: Boys and Girls


Overnight: $570.00 CAD

Extended Day: $520.00 CAD

* Please note dates, times, and availability are subject to change.

Programs: Complete Player Camp

Age Group: 10 - 18
Gender: Boys and Girls


Overnight: $570.00 CAD

Extended Day: $520.00 CAD

* Please note dates, times, and availability are subject to change.

Programs: Complete Player Camp - Competition Emphasis

Age Group: 12 - 18
Gender: Boys and Girls


Overnight: $655.00 CAD

Extended Day: $605.00 CAD

* Please note dates, times, and availability are subject to change.
For additional camp information and dates call us at 1-800-406-3926 we would be happy to help you.