NBC Basketball Camp - Specialty Camps


NBC offers specialized training camps to help you gain knowledge on how to become a stronger shooter and master your position.  

Pure Shooting and Offense Camps

This camp provides personalized and highly focused shot training as well as instruction on how to attack the basket. Learn to become a scorer. Developing into a major offensive threat involves becoming a pure shooter, attacking the basketball with great results, and developing the mind of a serious offensive player.

These camps combine the Pure Shooting System plus individual offensive skill training to help you become effective.Pure shooters are made not born. Pure shooting is a learned behavior. This is an action packed camp where athletes learn on the court and in the classroom. Excellent teaching combines both technical instruction and competition in a fun-filled atmosphere.

Pure Scoring Camp

This camp is very similar to our Pure Shooting and Offensive Skills Camp 

Position Specific Camps:  Guard, Wing and Post

These camps require more advanced knowledge of the game and provide specific instruction for the guard, wing or post position. Athletes learn both offensive and defensive moves for exceling at a specific position.   For athletes ages 12-18.

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