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Ignite Greatness in Basketball

Becoming great at anything is a long and laborious process and sometimes not very fun.  It’s easy to be a consumer—to watch, to enjoy, to be an audience member.  Life requires full participation in the pain, challenge and difficulty of any great endeavor.  Basketball is a great and worthy artist sport.  Great players are poetry in motion. They play with such grace, skill and mastery they inspire and ignite our love and attention.

Here are a few ways to become a player who ignites the court.

Your body is a vessel for your passion, energy, enthusiasm and courage. Your body communicates these qualities clearly to everyone who sees you.  If you are  filled with fear, apathy, bitterness, frustration, dread, lack of confidence… all these emotions fill the gym whether you mean to or not.  Discipline your body to ignite the court and the gym with a blazing fire of confidence, courage and commitment to giving your best. Set your internal spirit on fire and your brilliance will inspire.

Mastering a sport requires dedication to the fundamentals. Can you dribble with great dexterity and fully master the ball freeing your mind to problem solve. If you want to be great at basketball, you must have this skill. Love for the foundational elements of the game is crucial. Watching Steph Curry's master class you will see how much attention he pays to the quality of the basketball foundation. His stance is picture perfect and he never compromises this foundation. Too many athletes get apathetic on the fundamentals wanting the flashy moves but your ability to launch into a serious future relies on a serious platform for secure skills and fundamentals.

Catch on fire for what is challenging to love—getting in shape, working hard, discipline in the gym. If you can ignite your passion for what isn’t easy, you will be a game changer.  When you set the example of loving what is tough, everything elevates. Your teammates become inspired.  It only takes one person to dive on the floor and greatest gets ignited.

About NBC Basketball

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