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Keep Your Composure Even in Crisis

All of us face difficult times, the key is what kind of leader are you when life gets tough.  In a crisis, do you melt down or do you rise up?  Do you fold under pressure or do you follow through?  Do you back down or do you brave the storm?  Difficulties reveal the type of character we have as coaches, parents and athletes.  

Here are a few ways to keep your composure even in a crisis

Words are powerful. Watch how you speak during difficult times. Think of words like poison or a powerful elixir. You are putting poison in the air if you use words like, “I have a bad knee.” “Our team always folds under pressure.” “Our team doesn’t get along.” What you say may be true but you are building this reality and making the situation impossible to overcome.  Instead use your words to bring healing, “Difficulty can make us stronger.” “I can overcome this situation with courage.”

Expect more from yourself.  Don’t let yourself melt down. Don’t allow yourself to freak out or give up. Be mentally tough and expect more. 

Pre-plan how to navigate difficulty.  Don’t assume you won’t encounter difficulty.  You will. You don’t know what angle will emerge, but you can be prepared with a clear idea of how you want to respond when life gets hard.

Watch out for the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Loss of composure comes at breaking points.  Work to navigate each small challenge or difficulty and keep them from building up.

Know your hot buttons. Each of us have issues, situations or struggles that challenge us more than others.  Be attentive to situations which may trigger your hot buttons and have strategies to maintain calm. 

Be wise. You can be angry without losing your composure. Learn to navigate difficult emotions like anger, frustration, irritation, fear and shame.  Facing difficulty with courage is a daily decision. Find mentors who can be an example of courage in crisis and learn from people who can live the way you aspire when life gets tough.

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