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Key Renovations for A Happier Family

NBC Basketball aspires to build better people and that means being better parents. For most homes, winter can be an especially tough  making it important to schedulet time to recalibrate.  Bills, seasonal darkness, fatigue, cold weather, illness, and hardship can weigh the family down. Keep gratitude flowing and find ways to bring greater love and unity to your family.

Three Great Family Renovations to Make when Life Gets Tough

1. Have a negative fast. Fast for one week (or more) from all critique, complaints, and judgements of your children and instead encourage and work hard to find ways to tell them what you love and appreciate about them. 

2. The core of a healthy family is the willingness to listen deeply to each other with an attitude of gratitude and love. High levels of strife means high levels of pride which further means low levels of listening. Renovate the home by working to lower pride and raise listening.

3. Physical touch is vital to a healthy life. 8 hugs a day has proven to diminish dementia. Research on healthy touch is profound. Touch is a very clear barometer of the health of family. Violent, dangerous, invasive touch reveals a family in pain who creates pain. Touch that is withheld, cold, absent and distant reveals a family that is divided, bitter and separate. Appropriate, consistent, purposeful, healthy, touch from mother to child, sibling to sibling, father to mother is a key barometer of family health. Renovation in how the family navigates touch as well as wisdom for the healing of underlying dysfunctions below any unhealthy touch is key renovation work for every parent. Bringing healthy touch characterized by underlying goodwill and kindness to the family will revolutionize your relationships.


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