NBC Story Series

NBC Story Series grew out of the desire to continue the education of camp all year round and not only to inspire campers and coaches, but parents and people who can't attend camp. NBC Camps is about encouraging and educating people to live transformed lives. Stories are the best teachers. They stay in our memory and provide new understandings every time we hear or watch a story.  We hope you enjoy these stories and desire to share them with many others as a source of inspiration and as a reminder of how we want to live.


FACE YOUR CHALLENGE-- The Ana Wakefield Story 

Who would have known that our 2018 summer theme Face Your Challenge would have been such a true life lesson in the life of NBC Camper Ana Wakefield and her family.  In October 2017, Ana was in a hit and run accident which required 5 brain surgeries. Her inspiring story and her family's example of finding gratitude in the midst of tremendous suffering was a story we at NBC Camps wanted to learn from and share with many.  Ana teaches us very clearly the dignity of handling tragedy with hope. Her encouragement to trust God when life hits us with a painful, unexpected challenge is a story we hope is never forgotten.  We are thankful to the Wakefield family for teaching us what it means to face your challenge.  Please help share this story as an encouragement to others.  Click here to watch the video 

STORY 2-- Hard Work Pays Off -- The Mike Nilson

NBC Camps launched the second NBC story on Monday, March 11, 2019 at 3:00pm PST. The story follows NBC Camper Mike Nilson as he goes from walk-on to the prototype Gonzaga basketball player and part of the what made the ultimate Cinderella basketball team.  Mike's story is one for every team to watch.  Servant leadership is a key component of NBC Basketball. The will to be a leader that serves the team through sacrifice, encouragement and dedication.  Nilson is the embodiment of servant leadership on the basketball court. Watch his story now. 


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