Corban University - Salem OR Basketball Camps

Corban University - Salem OR Basketball Camps
Corban University - Salem OR Basketball Camps

Let us help you reach your basketball and life goals this summer. Corban University in Salem, Oregon is the place to be to be this summer to get physically and mentally strong in the game of basketball.

The NBC Basketball Camps at Corban University in Salem, Oregon is here to inspire and give vision on playing the game of basketball. Crowell's Pure Shooting Camp is for athletes who truly want to be game-changing offensive players. This camp focuses on taking the ball to the hoop, shot selection, shooting form, and offensive strategy. If you want to be the leader for your team in offense, this camp is for you.

Highlights Include

  • Video analysis for each player
  • Shooting workbook and instructional guide (includes drills)
  • Players will learn to correct their own shooting errors
  • Leadership training on goal setting, mental toughness, elevating confidence, and maximizing talent
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Dates & Prices

Meet Camp Coaches

Mark Johnson
Camp Director

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is a former member of the George Fox University Men's Basketball Team and long time NBC Camper, Coach, Master Teacher, and Assistant Director.  Mark coached the varsity girls basketball team at St. Paul High School.

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He is also the Director at NBC Camps held at George Fox University.  Mark runs our Varsity Academy and runs day clinics and mini-camps in the Portland area.  He is passionate about helping young athletes improve their game.

Camp Details

NBC Founder and former Division 1 Head Coach Fred Crowell developed this camp to assist players in growing in their ability to shoot properly and learn multiple strategies to become a more effective overall offensive threat. To find out more information about this location, including what to bring, check-in times and more details, please click below.

More Important Camp Details


Crowell’s Pure Scoring Basketball Camp
Dates: July 31 - August 3
Age Group: Boys and Girls 11 – 18 years old
Check-in Time: 12:30 pm on July 31
Parent Orientation: 1:00 pm and 1:20 pm
Intensity Night: N/A
Closing Program: 3:00 – 4:00pm on August 3


Pure Scoring Camp is a totally unique NBC Camp experience.  NBC Founder Fred Crowell is the architect of this camp. The focus is taking advantage of the basketball game rules that make the game the best on earth.  Fans love to see teams score.  College recruiters seek to recruit athletes who can score.  Coach Crowell’s 50 years of coaching experience teaches scoring in five ways: MAKE Shots, create Shots, force defensive help to make assists, draw fouls to get opponents' best player on the bench, and make free throws.  Eighty percent accuracy is the goal at the line.  This Pure Scoring Camp specializes in creating offensive minded players who know how to attack the basket and finish.  The emphasis of this camp is on the mastery of offensive moves attacking from all positions on the court as well as the skills necessary to become an offensive threat.



The main campus is in the capital city of Salem, Oregon which is located 45 miles south of Portland.  The campus size is approximately 140 acres and it was founded in 1935. 

Campers will stay in dorm rooms at Corban University.  Each room has 2 beds available. The cafeteria facility provides an all-you-can-eat salad bar with fruit, a deli bar, hot entrees (vegerarian entree available) and beverage station. 

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 7:00am Wake Up
  • 7:30am Breakfast
  • 8:00am Ball Handling
  • 9:00am AM Session: full court transition, post and guard stations, shooting stations, 5 man motion offense, inbound plays/games and tournaments.
  • 12:00pm Lunch
  • 1:30pm PM Session: offensive attack moves, defensive positioning, court awareness/ 3v3 and 5v5 games
  • 5:00pm Dinner
  • 6:30pm Evening Program and Leadership Groups
  • 8:00pm Night Basketball Event
  • 10:00pm Lights Out

Camper Reviews

Glendi G.Parent

  • 5/5.
I want to go back!

Parker has been to a number of basketball camps but this is the first time I've heard him say "I want to go back Mom." He loved everything about it!

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Brandt H.Camper

  • 5/5.
I Loved Camp!

It was good that we went over shooting drills time and time again.

Andea R.Parent

  • 4/5.
More excited about basketball!

It was great to see my daughter come home even more excited about basketball!

Marivel O.Parent

  • 5/5.
Amazing Camp!

This was an amazing camp with great coaches. My son came back with more confidence then when he started. He had the opportunity to play ball with kids from other cities and states along with having a few professional players as coaches. My son will definitely be going back to this camp next year. This is one camp he will NEVER FORGET. Thank you all for you hard work .

Mikalee G.Camper

  • 5/5.
Builds you from the inside out!

NBC Camps are an amazing camp experience! It builds you from the inside out, and I  have never felt better about myself.

Camp Dates & Prices

For additional camp information and dates call us at 1-800-406-3926 we would be happy to help you.