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5 Ways to Turn your Dreams into Reality

Today, every great creative achievement requires dreaming and imagination. Is it any wonder that some of Steph Curry's earliest memories of basketball were spent shooting at a Fisher Price plastic toy basket imagining playing in the NBA with his grandmother acting as the announcer?   Dreams, either while sleeping or awake, can be the gateway into transformation. Walt Disney, the quintessential dreamer, said where others saw a strawberry field, he saw Disneyland.

Here are 5 practical ways to start turning your dreams into reality.

1. Eliminate fear.  Fear is a robber and a thief which steals your imagination and ability to problem solve. When you live in fear, you make choices that actually unconsciously germinate and bring to fruition what you are afraid of. You literally are dreaming fear into reality.

2. Operate in peace. This is a core principle for us at NBC Camps. We want to make decisions from a place of gratitude, abundance, and joy. This mindset is a conscious choice and in many cases, we may choose to postpone making a tough decision until we have a mindset of peace.

3. Cultivate wonder. Imagination, creativity and new perspectives emerge from a sense of awe. Overly rigid or “efficiency at all costs” mindset limit wonder. Conversely, the other extreme of pampered, constantly entertained lifestyle destroys wonder. Step out of the intensified disciplined regiment or the over-stimulated gluttony and spend time in awe, silence, gratitude, and thankfulness.

4. Think like a great musician. Great musicians model the perfect balance between dreaming and achieving. The dream is the incubation of the skills, unique perspective, talent, and discipline of the artist. In this mysterious crucible, genius is born. Musicians hold the dream in their mind's eye all the time. The dedication to the dream is realized every day in their practice and intentional work to become great. Basketball players focus too much on the game and not enough on the skills to get them to the best game.  A great musician never sees performing as the tool for greatness, it is the individual hours practicing that sets them up for big success.  Sit through an amateur piano recital and you can tell, performance does not make someone great.  Games reveal what you know. Think like a musician, work hard in private so you can shine when your time comes.

5. Write down your dreams. Research on this is astonishing. Don’t talk about your dreams or tell everyone what you will do—research shows this actually causes you to not follow through. Instead, in private, write down your dreams and post them where you can see them every day. Spend time thinking and praying about these dreams. 


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