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NBC Basketball at Corban University, athletes can improve their basketball and leadership skills. Complete Player Basketball Camp is perfect for athletes who are passionate about basketball and want to take their game to the next level.

Oregon 2024 Overnight Basketball Camp

In Salem, Oregon, NBC Basketball at Corban University will have an intensive, fun week of basketball training. Complete Player Intensive Camps are perfect for players ages 12-16 who want to become an offensive threat on the court and have basketball experience! This camp is led by experienced NBC coaches who aim to create an uplifting, fun, and safe camp environment. Training curriculum will include work on shot selection, offensive strategy, shooting form, taking the ball to the hoop as well as defensive techniques and strategies. If you are willing to work hard toward achieving your goals, this camp is for you! NBC Camps focuses on training the total athlete with an emphasis on skill mastery, mental toughness, servant leadership, and personal faith. Camps combine Christian values with cutting-edge research on talent development, building confidence, and the importance of commitment. NBC Camps stands for Nothing Beats Commitment and the philosophy that our daily habits reveal our future success.

Highlights Include
  • Players will learn to correct their own shooting errors
  • Leadership training on goal setting, mental toughness, elevating confidence, and maximizing talent
  • 6-10 hours per day of comprehensive basketball instruction and training
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Camp Details



Complete Player Intensive Basketball Camp
Dates: July 21-25, 2024 | Age Group: Boys and Girls ages 12-16


Add-to-cart registration is located at the very bottom of this page. Please scroll down to register for camp.


To view your customer account, complete your mandatory forms, pay balance dues, and review important camp information, visit the Pre-Camp Checklist.
All necessary camp information is on this page. If there are any imperative changes before camp starts, registered campers will be notified via email and this webpage will be updated.


First-day check-in begins at 12:30 pm for overnight and extended-day campers.
Last-day check-out at 4:00 pm.

First day: 12:30 pm-9:00 pm. Dinner provided.
Middle days: 9:00 am-9:00 pm. Lunch and dinner are provided.
Last day: 9:00 am-4:00 pm. Lunch provided.

Extended-day campers DO NOT sleep on campus or eat breakfast on campus.


Complete Player Intensive Basketball Camp - This camp is designed for athletes ages 12-16. This camp is not for the beginning basketball player. Athletes who attend must have a fair amount of experience and ability appropriate for 6 to 8 hours a day of basketball. We recommend our complete player camp option to younger or more beginner athletes. Complete Player Intensive Basketball Camp will challenge athletes with more live-action skill development than the complete player camp and prepare athletes for more competitive play at the high school and college levels.


Roommates for this site need to be requested at least two weeks before camp begins. If you have no preference, we will match you with a camper of the same gender and similar age. Contact nbc@nbccamps.com if you need to add a roommate request.
Housing - The information below is subject to change each year.
Air conditioning: Yes, campers are still welcome to bring a fan.
Lost Key Fee: Yes
Campers per room: 2
Bathrooms: Campers share a common bathroom
Supervision: boys and girls are separated into different dorms or different floors with coaches of the same gender staying in the dorms for supervision.


Ratio: approximately a 1:10 staff-to-camper ratio
Groupings: Campers are grouped by age, skill, and experience.
Equipment Needed: Players should supply their own athletic equipment and have at least one pair of well-broken-in basketball (court) shoes. Campers do need to bring their own ball (clearly labeled with their name). Visit our Camp Packing List for a full list of what to bring. NBC Camps is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.
Medical Protocol: Most camps have an athletic trainer on-site to help with illness or injury. In case of an emergency, campers will be transported to the nearest hospital.
Allergies/Dietary Restrictions/Medical Concerns: please include this on your registration so campus staff and camp staff can be prepared for your camper's arrival and meals.


Transportation is not provided. Campers are responsible for getting to and from camp on their own. There is no supervision before or after camp hours so please make arrangements to pick up your child on time.


Review the NBC policies here.


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Intensity Night- Intensity Night is a unique NBC Camps event involving sweat, music, encouragement, and craziness. Intensity Night allows campers to work harder than they’ve ever worked before, and they’ll be cheered and encouraged every step, jump, and push-up along the way. Campers set their level of intensity and everyone is encouraged to reach his/her personal goals. No one is forced to go beyond their abilities. It’s a great opportunity for campers to explore how fun hard work can be. At some locations, families are welcome to attend to observe and encourage campers, you will be notified by your camp director before camp if this is available.

Camp Store- At some locations, there is a camp store that sells anything from snacks and sports drinks to NBC gear such as t-shirts and sweatshirts. When there is a camp store, there is also a camp bank located near the check-in tables on the first day. Parents can give money to the camp bank on behalf of their camper so they can purchase merchandise or snacks from the camp store. We recommend sending between $40-$60 for snacks, drinks, apparel, and other products. On the last day of camp, parents should retrieve any unspent money. Not all locations have a camp store.

Golden Ruler Award- The Golden Ruler Award is the highest achievement at NBC Camps. It is designed to teach campers to become a person of depth and reflection while instilling the importance of community service, discipline, and accountability. The criteria for the award are very strict, thus only campers ages 13-18 may try for the award. Those who would like to attempt this should bring a notebook and a Bible. Criteria include journaling, designing workouts, memorization, testing, essays, and more. *Not all locations offer the Golden Ruler

International Travel Teams- NBC invites athletes ages 14-18 on international tours through the NBC Travel Teams program. Campers will learn about NBC tours at camp and can apply for one of our teams by contacting Travel Team Director Breanna Lyons at travelteams@nbccamps.com or visit http://www.nbccamps.com/international


NBC Basketball offers six 30–45-minute online courses to help you get ready for camp and remember your training after camp. Become a strong player all year long. Add it when you register or click here to add after your registration.

Overnight Camp - Sample Schedule - Day 2
  • 7:00am Wake up
  • 7:30am Breakfast
  • 8:00am Ball handling
  • 9:00am AM Session: full court transition, post and guard stations, shooting stations, motion offense, inbound plays/games and tournaments.
  • 12:00pm Lunch
  • 1:30pm PM Session: offensive attack moves, defensive positioning, court awareness, 3v3 and 5v5 games
  • 5:00pm Dinner
  • 6:30pm Evening program and leadership groups
  • 8:00pm Night basketball event
  • 10:00pm Lights out

Corban uni salem


The main campus is in the capital city of Salem, Oregon which is located 45 miles south of Portland. The campus size is approximately 140 acres and it was founded in 1935.

Campers will stay in dorm rooms at Corban University. Each room has 2 beds available. The cafeteria facility provides an all-you-can-eat salad bar with fruit, a deli bar, hot entrees (vegetarian entrees available), and a beverage station.

Camp Questions & Answers

If you have questions or concerns, please schedule time for a dedicated NBC Central Office staff to assist you with your needs or call us at 1-800-406-3926.

Camp Reviews

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Overall Average Rating 4.80 / 5 Stars
    • 5/5.

    I really improved my shooting. I want to return because I had a lot of fun and want to improve more

    — Iraia M

    • 5/5.
    Learned SO MUCH

    Learned more post moves, confidence, and strength. Learned to be a family with teammates

    — Faith T

    • 5/5.
    Great Experience

    Camp was very fun and pushed me to my limits.

    — Gavin W

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    • 5/5.
    Lots of fun!

    Camp was really fun and I learned a lot. I loved how coach was always cheering us on and pushing us to do more

    — Avree L

    • 5/5.
    I will keep coming back!!

    I love this camp! I have been coming for 6 years and I love it.

    — Jack B. Camper

    • 5/5.

    NBC Camps made me a better player and person. This camp was tough but made me so much better.

    — Kieren L

    • 5/5.
    Great staff and great camp!

    Really loved that at this camp, the director sent out emails about what the schedule was, what the campers were doing, updates and insights. This really made me as a parent feel like we are teammates with you with our kids. We are so behind all your are teaching and coaching - on and off the court. This makes us want to send our kids back to you over and over again.

    — Parent

    • 5/5.
    Great Coaches and Community

    I learned how to take responsibility for my actions and to push myself. I really liked the coaches and community. Coaches were super supportive and encouraging. I am excited to come back!

    — Jayden R

    • 5/5.
    Felt Noticed

    I made some great friendships at camp and the coaches made me feel noticed and I just love the sport so much and I love getting better.

    — Meredith T

    • 5/5.
    Hard Work

    I loved how we practiced hard work on the court but also off of it.

    — Oliver V

    • 5/5.

    I had an amazing time because I got better and had so much fun and everyone was encouraging and kind.

    — Margaret F

    • 5/5.
    Kids had a great time

    My kids had a great time, made new friends, and worked on their basketball skills. The email updates from the camp director were great and helped keep us in the loop for how the day went.

    — Parent

    • 5/5.
    Can't wait to return!

    My son enjoyed camp! He can't wait to return. He was able to get some of his shooting techniques corrected. We can't wait for basketball season to see how much he has improved.

    — Parent

    • 5/5.
    Taught discipline and commitment!

    Love the discipline and commitment taught to the kids. Also love the small camp where coaches could work directly with each kid. Job well done!

    — Jake H.

    • 5/5.
    Loved communication with parents!

    My child learned valuable and effective skills and her confidence grew. Loved the communication with parents regarding camp!

    — Parent

    • 5/5.
    Better Person!

    This camp was the most helpful and has made me a better person and basketball player.

    — Jadon R.

    • 5/5.
    Good environment!

    Not only did I learn more skills in basketball but the environment was good/welcoming as well.

    — Taylor M.

    • 5/5.
    Offensive focus!

    I learned new cuts, footwork, and other ways to get open. Plus, how important your attitude is.

    — Morgan G.

    • 5/5.
    Positive & Organized!

    Camp was very positive and very organized. Great communication with parents. I liked the video and analysis of my shooting technique.

    — Parents

    • 5/5.

    Camp was very efficient and well organized.

    — Moses

    • 5/5.

    I loved focusing on offense, the location was great and the food was awesome.

    — Tyler C

    • 5/5.
    Felt Welcomed!

    Coaches did a very good job making the camp activities fun. Great level of physical exertion. I felt welcomed.

    — Carl D

    • 5/5.
    Great Job!

    I really like how great of a job NBC staff took care of my son with his injury the very first day, and made him feel ok to be able and stay to learn and experience this type of camp since it was his very first and loved it. Thank you so much and great job!!!

    — Sarah C

    • 5/5.
    Great experience.

    I like everything about camp. Whole person coaching, great experience. The food was great the basketball was great, the encouragement was great, the life skills were great. Staff was awesome.

    — Layla P

    • 5/5.
    Truly enjoyed camp.

    My son has attended several sports camps the last couple of years and this was the first he liked. He truly enjoyed it, improved dramatically, and obviously worked hard as he was SORE!

    — Parent

    • 5/5.
    Great Time!

    This camp helped me get better and I had a great time.

    — Carson B

    • 5/5.
    Great Experiences!

    Would love to come back, great experiences.

    — Bradley R

    • 5/5.
    Share the Knowledge!

    So many good players and coaches that are excited to share the knowledge they have!

    — Chloe Campbell

    • 5/5.
    Worked Hard!

    We worked hard learned things and got better.

    — Ian M

    • 5/5.
    Learn and Grow!

    It's a great experience to learn and grow and develops as a person and a player.

    — Evan B

    • 5/5.
    I want to go back!

    Parker has been to a number of basketball camps but this is the first time I've heard him say "I want to go back Mom." He loved everything about it!

    — Parent

    • 5/5.
    I Loved Camp!

    It was good that we went over shooting drills time and time again.

    — Brandt H.

    • 5/5.
    More excited about basketball!

    It was great to see my daughter come home even more excited about basketball!

    — Parent

    • 5/5.
    Amazing Camp!

    This was an amazing camp with great coaches. My son came back with more confidence then when he started. He had the opportunity to play ball with kids from other cities and states along with having a few professional players as coaches. My son will definitely be going back to this camp next year. This is one camp he will NEVER FORGET. Thank you all for you hard work .

    — Parent

    • 5/5.
    Builds you from the inside out!

    NBC Camps are an amazing camp experience! It builds you from the inside out, and I have never felt better about myself.

    — Mikalee G.

Camp Coaches

  • Staff NBC Basketball Coaches

    NBC Camps coaches are known for their hard work, great attitude, and commitment to helping you reach your potential on and off the court. Our curriculum focuses on helping you master even the most difficult skills as well as developing leadership, mental toughness, and confidence.

  • Kevin stanley 150x150

    Camp Director Kevin Stanley

    Kevin currently spent several years as the assistant women's basketball coach at Corban University. He has been involved with NBC Camps since 2008 as a campers, coach, master teacher, and camp director.

    View Kevin's Bio

Corban University - Salem, OR Basketball Camps

5000 Deer Park Dr SE
Salem, Oregon 97301
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Camp Dates & Prices

Programs: Complete Player INTENSIVE Basketball Camp
Age Group: 12 - 16
Gender: Co-Ed
Extended Day hours are 9:00am - 9:00pm. Roommates are assigned prior to the first day of camp. All roommate requests should be noted during registration.
Overnight $795.00
Availability: Yes

Extended Day $695.00
Availability: Yes

*Pricing is subject to change based on availability. Enroll today to secure current rates.
For additional camp information and dates call us at 1-800-406-3926 we would be happy to help you.
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