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November 28, 2022   |   Tagged Coaching

Coaching Confidence in Basketball

Coaching confidence basketball

Coaching players to have confidence requires wisdom.
Basketball coaches can get under the skin of their players and rattle confidence. This happens through exacting too much control, negative sentiment override, and criticism.

Teams who play with freedom make fewer turnovers. They shoot what they are capable of shooting. A team that has come under the negative power of the coach is obvious. They will have very untimely turnovers, they will make multiple mistakes, they will shoot well below their potential consistently and they will look for approval or disapproval from the coach often.

Coaches can learn so much from John Gottman and his advice on building strong relationships. If you are a coach, you can support your team by being encouraging, wise, thankful, and tough-minded. This happens by having mentally tough thoughts. Any thoughts about worry, fear of the future, or losing rob you of your mission.

Take a few minutes and write down why you are thankful to coach, and one thing you are grateful for about each of your players. Now go and share your gratitude with each player individually. If you find this task difficult, your team is in trouble. Elevate your gratitude and confidence and your success will elevate.

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