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February 08, 2024   |   Tagged Skills,

How do your physical eyes influence your basketball performance?

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What is basketball vision?

Experts believe over 80 percent of your perceptual input is coming from your vision. Your eyes dramatically affect your athletic performance. From shooting accuracy to court movement, to predicting scenarios before they happen, your court vision impacts all aspects of your game.

Why does sports vision matter?
Most people are working to train their bodies to move faster, quicker, and stronger but a new edge of research is working to improve sports vision. Can you see faster, react, and improve awareness and perception?

How do your physical eyes influence your performance?

  1. Clarity of sight. As you focus on a target, the ability of your eyes to lock in on your target directs your movements and enhances your accuracy. This laser focus is a separator.

  2. Motor performance. Strangely, our balance, execution of skill, and presence on the court are so connected to our visual sight but this link is powerful. Eye-hand coordination activities and dynamic movement corrections are essential to playing basketball at your highest level.

  3. Speed of visual processing. As you see the entire court, your vision helps translate what you see to your advantage. Like a chess master sees past, current, and future moves, the visual eye and inner eye of an experienced player execute tasks and maximize strategy.

  4. Visual memory and anticipation timing. Your ability to take a mental snapshot and anticipate when and where you should place the ball.
  5. Dominant eye advantage. More research is uncovering the significant advantage dominant eye athletes have in accuracy sports such as basketball and shooting accuracy.

Shooting Vision
For accurate shooters, eyes are the most variable aspect of your shooting. Pay attention to what is happening. Missing by a small margin is always an eye issue. The eye is moving slightly or not laser-focused causing small variations in your accuracy. Lock in with your dominant eye on the smallest target. Most great shooters pick the closest rings on the rim and imagine placing the ball just behind these rings.

Basketball Inner Eye
Basketball is a sport that requires vision. It takes time to be a stand-out player. Effort and time spent require inner vision. Basketball talent takes a tremendous amount of effort, and it can be a long time before you see the fruit of your labor. This can be discouraging and many often lose heart. They want immediate results, but this kind of basketball effort accrues over time, building slowly. Your vertical jump is one of those disciplines that require the vision to stay the course. Most training results take a year or longer before the benefits are seen in tangible measurement.

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