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December 11, 2022   |   Tagged Skills,

Three Ways to Become a Tougher Basketball Player

How to be a tough basketball player

Being tough is crucial to basketball. You have to be strong physically and mentally to play this sport well. Being a tough basketball player and teammate requires a few key disciplines.

  1. A powerful base—how you land is crucial to basketball. It determines your ability to move, your ability to score, your ability to draw the foul, and hit the shot. If you land off-balance, you immediately put yourself in jeopardy as a player. Videoing hundreds of students shooting this summer reveals most students land with too narrow a base. This puts you in danger of being off-balance, not being in best position for an “and one” situation, and can limit your flexibility on the court. Start with a strong base—everything is dependent upon your base.

  2. A tough mindset—most players on offense do not establish their will enough. They allow the defense to dictate what happens instead of manipulating the defense. A great player never is shoved around or tossed to and fro by the defense. This player determines to get to a spot and he or she gets there. This player determines in their mind to get open, and he or she gets open. There is no question about it. They make their plans happen. This begins in the mind and heart before it can be accomplished on the court. A stalwart mindset has the strength to overcome any obstacle.
  3. A tough exterior (a countenance of courage)-- how you hold your face and your body matter. People tend to make 80% of their decisions based on sight. If you look like an easy opponent, you have given your defender an advantage. Working with a gifted athlete at camp, one of our coaches immediately recognized a significant deficit in the athlete’s skill set. This young lady, though a good athlete, had too passive an attitude on the court. Her countenance showed concern when she ran a drill rather than confidence or tenacity. She looked afraid to make a mistake and she played afraid to make a mistake. Her coach took her aside and said, “I want to see a look on your face that says, ‘I can run through a brick wall right now if I need to.’” The girl practiced a few times, and eventually changed her countenance to have more resolve, determination, and grit. The next time she stepped into the drill, her body responded immediately with greater fortitude, power, and domination. Becoming a tough player requires mental fortitude and a countenance of courage. What is your countenance on the court? Do you look fearful, apathetic, concerned, afraid to make a mistake, or do you look tough, hungry, tenacious, and resolute?
    Do you look willing to run through a brick wall to win?

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