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December 28, 2022   |   Tagged Parenting,

Tough Minded Parenting of Kids who Love Basketball

Tough minded parenting

One of the bravest choices you can make as a parent is to be ruthlessly committed to mental toughness about your kid. If your kid loves basketball, you need to be tough-minded as a parent to help navigate the game.

Here are four ways to be a more mentally tough parent:

Be tough-minded about talent development:

NBC Camps have worked with hundreds of thousands of students and the majority of parents do their kids a disservice because they think their kids are better skilled and better athletes than they really are. The parents rush them to work on elite skill work before their kids have mastered the fundamentals. Fundamentals are foundational to everything else. Oversight of your son or daughter’s basketball foundation will lead to an unsuccessful future. Fundamentals are the bedrock of talent. There is no “higher” stuff.

Be tough-minded about self-advocacy

One of the most important skills to give your son or daughter is the courage to speak up for what they need and to be strong about it. A student should be able to navigate with a coach or teacher without the parents having to do this. Every time a parent fights a battle for a student that he or she should have navigated, the student becomes less brave, less powerful, and less mentally tough. Enabling your kids is chopping down their potential. Help your son or daughter develop the skills to speak powerfully for him or herself.

Be tough-minded about attitude

Your child is responsible for his or her attitude. A bad attitude is a decision to be ungrateful and a negative influence at home and at school. Mood is contagious and your son or daughter is responsible for his or her mood that she is spreading around. This begins with daily mental toughness habits to control our emotions with wisdom.

Be tough-minded about moral fortitude

Your son or daughter should be a great leader and person even when no one is watching. They should make those around them better. They should have the power to speak up in a situation that isn’t right. They should have the courage to do what is right when it is unpopular to do so. They should be able to ask for help when help is needed. Your child should be able to say no with confidence and strength. Your child should be able to speak up for those with less power. Your son or daughter should be able to do the right thing even when no one else does.

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