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April 01, 2020   |   Tagged Motivation

Basketball Tip- Ways to Fall In Love with Work

Love to work hard basketball

Work is the power behind your dreams. For those who dream of playing college basketball, there is no other way than to love to work.

Definition of work: "to exert creative power, be a creator.” If you find you don’t love working hard, first remember your dream. Second, your work needs to have creative power. If you are bored doing the work, you aren’t creating anything. Work that is boring has lost its purpose and ownership. When you are the creator and take ownership, work becomes the energy to turn your dreams into reality.

Ways to Fall In Love with Work

Most students say they don’t like work. Why is that? It could be, they are too soft and can’t handle work because it can be uncomfortable. That may be true, but we think one of the biggest reasons kids might struggle not liking work is because they don’t have a big enough dream/mission. If you want to play college basketball, you will find ways to love the work necessary to be great.

If you have a purpose, something you feel passionate about, something you want to achieve, or change or do, love for work will not even be a problem.

Not all work is equal. A toddler can work hard to sweep a messy room, but they don’t have the insight or skill to make it clean. Research on talent development proves the most talented people are the ones who work smarter than the average person, actually 45 times smarter. A great athlete will accomplish more development in 15 minutes than an average person will in 11 hours and 25 minutes.

Basketball Work ethic Quiz

Rate your love for work:

I finish what I start.

I know what I want to achieve and the steps I need to take.

I am excited to start practice.

I plan ways to make my basketball training fresh and interesting.

I try to make my fundamental skill work fun and creative.

I seek out ways to work with great teachers and mentors.

I hang around people who love to work and create.

I am thankful for the privilege of work.

I believe all great endeavors require work.

I love to work hard for the team.

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