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May 16, 2019   |   Tagged Motivation

Why don’t we prepare

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The word prepare has a serious or even cautionary tone to it. It is the discipline to make plans in advance for a future event. Think through your year, what are the significant events that you will face? Basketball season, exams, work projects? Most importantly, how do you prepare for the unexpected? Research shows those who have prepared mentally and spiritually for unexpected events handle hardship and adversity much differently than those who are totally unprepared. Take a look at your daily habits. Are these habits preparing you to be a strong leader in crisis and placing you in the best position for life success?

Why don’t we prepare

It’s painful. Tasks that are not much fun can be avoided and we procrastinate because we don’t like pain.

We are overwhelmed. When the amount of work to do seems too much, we can quit and shut down. Being able to break tasks into manageable chunks is a skill set for those who are always prepared.
We try and do everything ourselves. Hopelessness and frustration set in when we try and prepare everything alone.

We hid our weaknesses. Instead of exposing and improving our weaknesses, we can try and hid them. This leads to procrastinating in areas of weakness.
Fear of the unknown. It’s hard to prepare without full confidence our labor will be fully rewarded.

What are your reasons for being under-prepared? Are you over-prepared in some areas and underprepared in others? For example, someone can be over-prepared for a presentation with their props, and presentations but underprepared with their mindset. They haven’t done the preparation to mentally visualize and story board their confidence level and peace.

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