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December 21, 2022   |   Tagged Leadership,

Why Humility Matters on the Basketball Court

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One of the biggest separators for NBA scouts right now is finding the humble basketball player. NBA teams are tired of the prima donna and the player that is all about himself. “I watch how players leave the court,” says NBA scout Ryan Carr. “If a player shows attitude, I know that will be a detriment to the team.” Humility elevates everyone. Playing with a leader who cares about the success of the team above personal stats changes team chemistry. Servant leadership is contagious and if leaders look to serve their team, the entire team changes. Conversely, selfishness is also contagious and breeds an entirely different team chemistry.

Leaders with the power of humility place the team before themselves.
They never let others down. They discipline their actions to be the highest way.

What threatens your ego?

Being a great player, coach or person requires to stay self-regulated when our ego becomes threatened.

“Humility is most accurately judged when it is under strain. Humility involves self-regulation which, like a muscle, can be “weakened” with short-term use, but strengthened with regular exercise. Just like courage is easier to judge in the context of danger, humility ought to be easier to judge in contexts that evoke egotism, defensiveness, and conflict.” Quote taken from an article entitled, “Measuring Humility and its positive effects,” from the Association for Psychological science.

How do you handle the following?


Qualities of Humility in Conflict

>Open minded
>Willingness to acknowledge another point of view
>Willingness to receive feedback
>Ability to acknowledge the strengths and success of others
>Ability to show appreciation for the contribution of others

If you want to be your best, the question is not how well you believe you do on these qualities, but how those on your team and who coach you would say about you.

Humility literally comes from the root which means “of the ground”. It’s where we get the expression, “down to earth.” Self-deprecation or disgust in yourself after a mistake is not humility. It is a form of self-focus. According to research, humility is defined in three consistent ways.

Humble people have accurate self-assessment. You see the truth about your abilities and qualities. You don’t overrate or underrate. Humility is a willingness to see oneself accurately.
Humble people have appreciation for others. They can value and recognize the strengths of others and have grace toward others shortcomings. They have gratitude for people and generosity of spirit. They are not judgmental or condemning. They listen to others. They are willing to associate with people who have a lower position or a different status. They recognize their need for people.
Humble people are teachable. They are flexible, ready and anticipate learning. They can change course when a plan doesn’t seem to work. They can admit mistakes.

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