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June’s Volleyball Drills to Better Your Skills

Featured Position: Outside Hitter

Focus Area: Passing
The outside hitter stands in the middle back position on one side of the net with a setter in front of him or her. Someone else stands on the other side of the net in line with the outside hitter and the setter. That person initiates the drill by tossing a ball over the net to the outside hitter. The outside hitter then passes the ball to the setter, who bounces it under the net to the coach. As the setter receives the first ball, the coach tosses a second ball to the outside hitter. The drill should be done for a set amount of time with a goal of training the outside hitter to quickly respond to passes.

Focus Area: Hitting
In this drill, the outside hitter takes his or her position in the front row and faces two blockers on the opposing side of the net. Someone else stands at the right side of the net and tosses the ball to the outside hitter, who must then try to get it past the blockers. The hitter receives a star for either tooling the block, for landing the ball in either back corner or for landing it front of the 10-foot line. 

Focus Area: Reading the defense
The tip drill teaches outside hitters to adjust to the defense. It starts with the outside hitter on one side of the court and a defender on the opposite side. The ball is tossed to the outside hitter and the defender either comes close to the net or backs off. The outside hitter must recognize where the defender is and make the appropriate tip. This would be short if the defender is far from the net and deep if the defender is close to the net.

Focus Area: Transitioning
This drill helps outside hitters learn to quickly switch between offense and defense. The hitter starts at the net and must quickly transition to defense to dig a ball that a coach or partner has hit. The setter then sets while the outside hitter transitions to offense to spike the ball. The coach or partner then tosses a ball back over the net to mimic a blocked spike and the outside hitter must transition back to defense to pass the ball to the setter

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