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Highlights Include
  • A workout schedule that will help teach you the healthy "rhythms" of exercise, push and challenge you as well as teach you how to prevent injuries.
  • Weekly nutrition challenges and resources that will teach and empower you to "fuel" your body in a healthy and sustainable way. Whether your goal is to lose weight, or improve your physical performance, this program will get you there.
  • Lessons on how to develop inner grit and resilience
  • Personal access to Chantel as your coach
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Camp Details

People from all over the world can enroll for our online training. Chantel will provide advice and guidance for those that are experienced athletes as well as those that are recreational and simply trying to get in shape.

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NBC is excited to announce our partnership with Chantel Oakley Holistic Fitness! Chantel is a former NBC athlete, an ACE Certified Coach and Trainer and wife and mom to four wild and crazy boys. On April 1, 2022, NBC and Chantel will officially launch "Holistic Fitness with Chantel." Imagine everything you have experienced at NBC Camp (stellar training and coaching, enthusiasm, positivity and character/leadership development) brought to you through the avenue of fitness. Our offerings with Chantel will include her Virtual, Holistic Fitness Program (spoiler: this program is only $30 a month and includes at-home workouts, a nutrition curriculum and a mental/emotional health curriculum- this program is a steal!) and in-person fitness experiences! In the meantime, as you wait to sign up, watch this video, get inspired, give Chantel a follow on Instagram (@chanteloakley) to learn more about her, and STAY TUNED to our emails and social media channels to learn more about this program and how you can sign up!

Camp Questions & Answers

If I’m not an elite athlete, can I still participate?

Yes, you can! Chantel has worked with and trained individuals at ALL fitness levels in all walks of life. From people who have never exercised before to collegiate and professional athletes, Chantel will meet you right where you are at and encourage you along the way.s.

What do I need to participate?

You will need access to a device that will allow you to access the workouts in the Famer app, a space at home to work out in, a yoga mat (helpful but not required), a jump rope (also helpful, but not required), and a "Can Do" attitude!

Camp Reviews

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Overall Average Rating 5.00 / 5 Stars
    • 5/5.
    None better!

    When it comes to training and fitness coaching there is none better than my girl Chantel! I've been pushed by some of the best in the business and she definitely has the skill to take you and your goals to another level!

    — Tuff Harris Former NFL Athlete, Baltimore Ravens

    • 5/5.
    Life changing.

    Working with Chantel is quite simply life changing. She is unlike any other coach out there; her holistic methods encourage sustainable and lasting improvement in your life. Her workouts are tough yet tailorable, which allows for a perfect mix of continuous challenge without the fear of injury or the inability to complete them. Her insight, life experience, and passion to serve others makes for a personalized and inspirational coaching experience. Chantel not only coached me through grueling workouts, but through the even more grueling aspects of life from relationship struggles and career obstacles to working through prior injuries both mentally and physically. With her keen perceptive ability, she helped me in ways I did not realize I needed and after only a few months of working with her, my life improved greatly. I will be forever grateful for choosing Chantel and trusting her to guide me on my physical, mental, and spiritual journey.

    — Sarah, Captain, U.S. Army, N. Carolina

    • 5/5.

    Chantel has made a critical impact on my wellness journey. I had bits and pieces of knowledge and ideas, but couldn't seem to maintain the momentum to make it stick over time. Chantel got to know me, she really listened. She heard my ideas, my background knowledge, my day to day, and wove it all together to give me the tools I needed to be successful. Her workouts are challenging, and make me feel like an athlete. Her questions, thought provoking and formative. Chantel's support, unmatched. I will continue to have ups and downs along this wellness journey and, because of Chantel's coaching, I know I will always persevere.

    — Amy (46), Educator, Minnesota

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    • 5/5.
    Learned how to push myself

    Growing up playing sports, I’ve had a lot of good coaches, but Chantel is by far the best. Working out with her, or just completing her workouts is an accomplishment in itself. Chantel coaches in a way that brings the best out of you. On top of coaching me through workouts, she helped me to learn how to push myself out of comfort zones and habits. I’m a better person and athlete because of her.

    — Saydee, College Soccer Player

Camp Coaches

  • Chantel Oakley nbc fitness

    Coach Chantel Oakley

    Chantel is an AFAA and TRX certified group fitness instructor and an ACE certified Health Coach who is passionate about inspiring individuals to become stronger and more resilient physically, mentally and emotionally. This passion is evident in her work as a health coach, personal trainer and corporate consultant. Chantel believes that everyone has a purpose for their life. And, while life is not easy, hardship is a catalyst to true strength which can be used to help us fulfill our life's purpose. Chantel's messaging and approach has inspired a diverse clientele that ranges from professional and collegiate athletes to those who are new to their fitness journey; stay-at-home moms to celebrities in the entertainment industry; non-profits organizations to international corporations. As a lifetime athlete, Chantel loves pushing hard, taking advantage of the beautiful opportunity life offers, with a fire in her eyes and a smile on her face. "I believe that as people, we were all created to “count”, to matter, and it is for this reason that I invest deeply in those around me...whether that be my family, friends, clients or corporations I work with." As a wife, mother of four boys and someone who lives life with great zeal and passion, Chantel has learned firsthand that great strength and resilience can come from pain and hardship. She believes to her core that we are not defined by our failures but we can use them to ignite growth, transformation and perseverance.

NBC Online Fitness Training with Chantel Oakley

Chantel Oakley,
10003 N Division St
Spokane, Washington State 99218
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