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December 15, 2015

Unique Training Model Provides NBC Camps Basketball Skills Training Advantage

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The NBC Trivium

NBC Camps Basketball Curriculum is unique in that they have specifically identified the training needs of campers based on age and development. These transformative teaching principles are what make NBC Camps so effective.

Elementary – Stage one

The essential focus for this age category is habits: In just a few days, kids between the ages of 6-11 can develop amazing habits. Whether it is the discipline to say, “thank you”, have a great attitude, consistent quality shooting form, defensive positioning or the will to work hard, you can learn ways to rapidly improve your skills. NBC is committed to helping this age category build great habits and love their time at camp.

Junior High—Stage two

The essential focus for this age category is wise decisions. Athletes between the ages of 12-14 are starting to develop intensive cognitive reasoning ability. We want to train athletes how to think on the court. Campers should begin to know and understand what is a great shot, pass, or play. They need to understand decision making in friends, goals, school and leadership. Athletes should leave camp with tools to elevate their skills and knowledge as a player. NBC is committed to helping this age category begin to see life and basketball through the lens of great decisions. This style of teaching demands personal attention because everyone is different. NBC Camps coaches are committed to helping students not only know but understand.

High School—Stage three

The essential focus for this age category is transforming others. Most high schoolers who still play basketball have made the commitment to the discipline necessary to be great at this sport. They love this sport and they want to excel. In order to stand out in the sea of high school athletes, you must be a true game changer. Your presence must be missed when you are not in the game. NBC is committed to helping our high school athletes become the stand-out leader and player on and off the court. We care about your dreams and we will do all we can to help you.

About NBC Camps
NBC Camps began in 1971 as Northwest Basketball Camp. Founder, Fred Crowell wanted to design a program that would provide the best basketball training, create an atmosphere of encouragement, hard work, respect and compassion, and teach athletes to compete not only physically but with their hearts and minds.
More than 40 years later, NBC Camps now has over 120 basketball camps, international travel teams, year round basketball mentorship training, volleyball, soccer, and football. NBC Camps partners with US Sports Camps, home of Nike Camps worldwide. Together, NBC Camps works to provide the ultimate sports camp experience.

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