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November 16, 2017

Can You Afford NBC International Tours?

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Improve your volleyball skills at NBC Volleyball Camps

We want NBC International Tours to be a reality for you. Don't let money stop you from allowing your child to have the experience of a lifetime. Payment plans are available and encouraged. Many past Tour Coaches and Tour Members raised to earn every penny of their tour cost.

"My daughter and I felt it was an Honor to be nominated to travel with NBC International tour. I do not have the bank account to write a check and send her on her way. I wanted my daughter to have this experience of a lifetime and knew in my heart I needed to get her there. We were notified in September or October and through much diligence, I was able to raise every penny of her trip through various fundraisers. I did a clothing donation drive, raffled off an iPad, raffled an iPod with Beats headphones, Indian tacos fundraiser, silent auctions, sold homemade beadwork and our Tribe donated as well. All money raised went to the trip including spending money with zero cost to my budget other than the time spent on fundraising. You will not be disappointed sending your child on this trip of a lifetime - my daughter will always have these memories and new friends who became like family." - Past Tour Parent

Here are a few suggestions that will help you on your way to joining an NBC Volleyball Travel Team this coming summer.

8 Ways to Fundraise:

  1. Host an NBC Clinic for younger kids in your community
  2. Put together a 3on3 basketball tournament
  3. Local Businesses Raffle
  4. Shoot-A-Thon
  5. Baked Goods Sale at your local high school game
  6. Community Fundraiser Dinner
  7. Offer to do jobs around your neighborhood for a donation
  8. Many more fundraising ideas are available in the Tour Manual

About NBC International Tours

NBC Camps have sent travel teams for basketball and volleyball around the globe since 1977. We select top athletes based on ability and character to represent their country and compete against teams from other countries. Please visit their website at www.nbccamps.com/tours for more information about 2018 Tour locations and dates.

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