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4 Keys you Must have to be a Great Basketball Player

In basketball, you need to do the following well. Check out these four categories to see if you are up to speed on being the best player you can be. 

Incredible ball control - this means you can navigate the ball easily and well in any situation with your eyes up and your brain totally free from having to worry about the ball.

Pure shooting - become disciplined at recording your shooting and know what you need to do to correct your shot. Percentages do not lie.  Keep stats in your workouts and in your practices. The effort level for becoming a pure shooter is making time for over 1000 per shots per day from games spots at game speed.

Great physical condition - strong, fast, quick, springy. Can you jump high, are you faster than your opponent, and are you stronger?  What can you do this summer to become better in these areas?

Basketball IQ - high level reasoning of the game can only become possible when your fundamentals become unconscious. Being able to perform perfect fundamentals gives you the freedom to allow the brain space to notice patterns and strategies on the court.
Grit and mental toughness - how much does your lack of mental discipline interrupt your game?  Do you get mad at the refs, frustrated at mistakes, pouty toward the coach, blaming toward teammates?  These tendencies are dangerous and reveal a lack of mental toughness. Mentally tough people never let their thoughts take them out of their game.

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