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February 14, 2023   |   Tagged Motivation,

Become a Basketball Self -Starter

How to be consistent in basketball

What skill do you need the most this summer for 2023?

You need tenacity, grit, -- you need mental toughness. You need to be a SELF-STARTER. This is the foundation for great basketball. This summer is a perfect time to build this more important skill. Being able to practice at home on your own as well as make your workouts tough enough are invaluable skills. Athletes who can push themselves are what we call self-starters.

Long ago, an engine needed tons of manual effort and labor to get started. Now, we jump in a vehicle, turn the key and immediately everything roars to life. An athlete who isn't a self-starter has to have coaches, parents, and teammates constantly giving them the energy to get moving. On the other hand, great athletes are self-starters. They want to make their practice happen and they find the best ways and the best tools to make their dreams a reality.

NBC Camps want to help you become a self-starter this summer. Join campers from around the globe. Get going with a group intensive workout. Then work through a series of custom-created workouts delivered directly to your phone, tablet, or computer. Use these workouts to create a habit-forming schedule. Upload videos to our coaches to make sure you are doing the drills accurately. Jump on group chats for motivation and encouragement, stay inspired the NBC way, and build your summer workout plan.

You can make this summer the most valuable of your life by building this powerful internal drive to become a self-starter. If you are a self-starter by nature, this camp will give you the best tools to work out on your own and maximize your time. Don't waste time with moves that don't build your skills.

If you are not a self-starter, this is a great tool to get your body in the disciplined habit to help you maintain your momentum all summer.

Now is the time to separate your skills. Those who love it the most and can be a self-starter will be the ones dominating the paint when the lights come back on.

About NBC Basketball
NBC Basketball has been training athletes since 1971. Located in six countries, NBC Basketball offers intensive skill-building and leadership development. NBC Camps' educational focus is on building intrinsic skills such as mental toughness, grit, tenacity, and resilience. With these tools, NBC Staff believes that students can encounter and rise above any challenge on and off the court. NBC Camps are offering online training camps that help athletes develop the habits necessary for greatness. For more information about NBC Basketball Virtual Training Camps visit www.nbccamps.com

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