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March 01, 2023   |   Tagged Motivation,

Parenting Quiz—Is your life in Balance

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How to help athletes and others build greater intrinsic motivation

Being a parent is one of the most important opportunities in life. Take a minute to see if you are in balance as a parent.

Parenting Balance Quiz

Here is a great test to see if you are in balance as a parent:

  • You maintain a regular date night with your spouse and friendship is strong beyond your relationship with your kids. Y/N
  • You don’t live through your kids’ success. You don’t need their success for your internal joy. Y/N
  • You spend quality time individually with each child doing what he or she loves to do. Y/N
  • You have daily meaningful conversations with each member of your family. Y/N
  • You take time to work out and be physically healthy. Y/N
  • You take time to learn and gain a healthier perspective Y/N
  • You are healthy spiritually. Y/N
  • You have meaningful friendships. Y/N
  • You have a wise mentor. Y/N
  • Your kids are doing well in school. Y/N
  • Your kids love life and encourage others. Y/N
  • Your kids rarely fight with you or others in the family. Y/N
  • Your life habits match your mission to be a quality father/mother. Y/N

If you find you are out of balance, be kind to yourself. Call a time out in your life and take 30 minutes to do this project. Start with gratitude- gratitude brings immediate healing. Write down what you are thankful for. Write a few notes of gratitude to your key relationships. A heart full of gratitude will bring your life into greater balance.

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NBC Basketball stands for Nothing Beats Commitment and the intentionality necessary to be great at life. Becoming a great parent is a worthy pursuit of your time and energy. Having humility and willingness to learn and grow will help you become the best you can be. At NBC Basketball, we strive for the same goals, to help your son or daughter be a valuable player and a great person. For more information about the NBC Basketball programs, visit www.nbccamps.com/basketball.

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