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March 01, 2023   |   Tagged Motivation,

Basketball Tip: Improve your Willpower

Basketball tip build willpower

Becoming great at basketball requires you to have willpower. It's easy to assume we know what that means. Look to find ways to improve your willpower.

What does "will" mean?

The word "will" is from Old English and means "what you set your mind to, your purpose, desire or request." People create a will so that when they die, their desires or plans are carried out. Your will motivates your mind and body toward a plan. The term weak-willed was used to describe people who were powerless to achieve what they set their mind to do especially when they encountered difficulty.

Willpower Energy

Your power to achieve your goals is limited. You only have so much energy. If you need a great deal of willpower to achieve your dreams, you need to have a plan. For example, a person wakes up and does 15 minutes of ball handling. At noon, he works on his shooting. After dinner, he plans to do his jump training and conditioning workout, but an awesome show comes on the TV. He loses his willpower to complete his training. Be sure you know what tempts you to quit and give up or to lose momentum.

Ways to improve your willpower:

  1. Willpower is contagious. Get around people with strong willpower. Take a look at your friends, they are one of your greatest influencers. If your friends lack willpower you will too.
    Rate the contagiousness of the willpower in your environment: High Moderate Low
  2. Sleep affects your willpower. Limited sleep = limited willpower.
    Rate your sleep habits: Great Fair Poor
  3. Make tasks fun. The more fun you have working out, studying, practicing, the more willpower you will have. 5= You love it 0=You hate it
    Rate the fun you have: (Working out ___ Studying ___ Practicing ____)
  4. Forgive yourself. If you have a setback, don’t be hard on yourself. The harder you are on your mistakes and the more guilt and shame you have, the more you will mess up the next time. Athletes who make a mistake on the basketball court and then yell at themselves or make a big show on how much they messed up, will be the most likely on the court to make a big mistake again.
    Rate yourself on how easily you forgive yourself ____
    How easily do you forgive others ___
    5=Very Easily 0=Not able to forgive
  5. Stay positive. For example, if you make a bad pass in the moment, be kind to yourself, picture in your mind making a better pass in the future, and be mentally strong.
    Rate yourself on your PMA (positive mental attitude) _____
    5=Great PMA 0=No PMA
  6. Picture the negative consequences. When you are creating your goals and work out plan, picture as clearly as possible what it would be like if you don’t reach your goal. Imagine sitting on the bench next season if you do not follow through with your workout. The more you can feel how it will be like, the more likely you will be to follow through when you don’t want to and to find the willpower to achieve your dreams.
    Rate your skill at foreseeing the possible negative consequences of when you lose your willpower. _____

5 =Great Ability to foresee 0= No ability

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