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April 03, 2023   |   Tagged Parenting

10 Ways to Immediately be a Better Parent

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Becoming a better parent is a daily decision and each day offers us an opportunity to love our children well. Take one suggestion per day on this list and see if you can improve this area.

1. Elevate trust through patience, time, forgiveness asking, and creating a safe environment.

2. Become a parent—a friend, advisor, and respected counselor. Letting your child do whatever he or she wants isn’t wisdom, and neither is domination. Respect is earned through clear boundaries and deep love.

3. Criticism and comparison ruin relationships. Be mindful of critical words you may be tempted to speak.

4. You can win battles through domination, but you will never win the overall mission. Aim to help your child understand the purpose behind the boundaries.

5. Love your child for who he or she is, not what he or she does.

6. Be worthy of imitation. Do something today that helps you live better.

7. Measure your love for your child not by how you feel, but by how loved he or she feels. Check-in with him/her to see how they feel. Speak love.

8. Define love with wisdom. Love isn’t allowing any kind of behavior; love does the work through difficulty with patience and wisdom. Take a timeout if you are getting frustrated.

9. Words require our most intentional work. Watch the words you say for one day and measure the amount of frustration vs. compassion. Elevate your positive words in your mind and in your mouth.

10. Be grace-filled today. If you are perfectionistic, lay this down for one day and relax. If you are frustrated, choose peace. If you are overwhelmed, pause, and give thanks for all the gifts you have.

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