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March 18, 2024   |   Tagged Coaching

How to Shoot Like Tyler Herro-- Improve your Shooting

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Coaches need shooters. Shooting is a skill that is demonstrated by three key factors and all are important, but the most important is the third one on this list.

1. Great shooters have outstanding mechanics. Some people can be good shooters with improper shooting mechanics but the best of the best have picture-perfect shooting form. Tyler Herro has done the deep and personal work of having accurate shooting form. He has the three master keys that NBC Basketball religiously preaches and teaches. His feet anchor him and provide a stable base, consistently demonstrating that his power comes from his legs. He never allows the depth of his shooting to alter his mechanics but draws from the power in his legs the deeper he gets. His hands have the shooter's touch, his release is consistent, and his hand is relaxed and allows for pure rotation of the ball. He naturally finds seams quickly and the ball rotates with precision. His eyes are locked on the target and he wills the ball into the basket. He has the inner confidence that is seen in his laser focus. As his shot takes flight, he expects the ball to go in. He exerts his will over the ball through his mastery and commands the ball to do his will.

2. Tyler Herro is consistent and his percentage demonstrates his consistency. Numbers do not lie. You can have a hot hand but the great shooters put up the numbers throughout the season. If you are not tracking your percentage in all shot categories, you are likely not yet a serious player. Serious players don't assume they are good shooters, they have the numbers to verify.

3. Great shooters are simply the hardest workers on the court. You don't get good at shooting without hours of dedicated practice shooting game shots at game spots at game speed. This is the separator. Herro put hours and hours into his shot and it is really evident. Confidence in your shot without practice is just cockiness. Your confidence should be the outcome of your hours in the gym. He doesn't have to hope he is a good shooter, he can will the ball into the basket because he has done it thousands of times every day for many years. He is a master shooter, he is a pure shooter.

What about you?

You can become a pure shooter. But do you love it enough? Many love the idea of basketball, the fun, and the thrill, but do you actually love the sport and the game enough to do the work when no one is watching.

Need help with shooting mechanics? Here is a great teaching lesson. https://nbc-camps.teachable.com/courses The NBC 9 Keys will make sure you are technically sound. Practice these every day. Get mentors, record your numbers, have a dedicated plan -- and here is a really key point -- have consequences for a miss. If you shoot and there is no real pressure, your practice is a cakewalk. Until every shot in practice matters and forces your mind to have some level of pressure, you are wasting your time. Do you have the courage to be a great shooter? Coaches are begging for pure shooters.

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