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Biggest Coaching Struggle and How to Overcome

One of the biggest areas of struggle basketball coaches will have on any team they coach is unfilled expectations. Unfilled expectations leads to frustration, conflict and complaint.  Win/loss record is a huge unfilled expectation challenge.  Losing games makes a season very difficult to navigate. Loss generates negative emotions which impact the team. Typically loss breeds more loss.  The biggest area of conflict for both you, your players and your team parents will be around the issue of unfulfilled expectations. There are a myriad of ways coaches have to handle unfulfilled expectations.

-Playing Time
-Win/loss record
-College Scholarship Opportunities
-Team Unity
-Starting Positions
-Tournament Time

One of the best tools you can give your team is to awaken your students into their natural tendencies and help them identify their negative proclivities before a conflict occurs. 

Here is a good questionnaire for your team:

  • What are your expectations for yourself this season?
  • What are your expectations for your team this season?
  • What are typical conflicts that you have encountered playing on teams in the past?
  • What are the best ways for you to navigate conflict?
  • What are poor ways to handle conflict?
  • When you encounter something frustrating or difficult what is the worst way you tend to respond?
  • What are the best and most healthy ways you would like to respond to disappointment, frustration or unfulfilled expectations you might have this season?

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