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February 03, 2023   |   Tagged Coaching

Coaches and Basketball Skill Acquisition

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Hey Basketball Coaches,

Skills are your investment into your basketball team's future. This begins with a real plan for your whole basketball community. The better the skills of the players coming into the program, the better your season.

Most important question: Who can you partner with?
Coaches who have too much ego miss the help others can provide. Basketball is too complex for you to teach every aspect. You need help to raise up the next generation of players.

Ideally, if you are coaching high school, your elementary and junior high programs work to get your student-athletes as autonomous as possible. You then don’t have to focus hours on shooting, or ball handling, you can devote time to strategy, team concepts, movement, and basketball IQ.

Each player needs to leave for the summer with a real skills acquisition plan. Your game schedule isn’t going to help you as much as your players getting serious in the gym this summer. The clearer you are about what you want, the better chance you will get what you want next season.

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