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February 02, 2023   |   Tagged Skills,

Basketball Boundaries

Shooting avoids block nbc basketball camp

Basketball needs strong boundaries otherwise you will be beholden to the will and whim of your opponent. Good opponents will try and shut you down, put you in places you don’t want to be, and force you to go where you don’t want to go.

Here are some crucial laws to help you with basketball boundaries.

The Law of Sowing and Reaping
Fantasy is fun. It’s amazing to imagine being the athlete we aspire to be. But real basketball requires real work. You are as good as your work ethic.

The Law of Responsibility
Who is responsible for your life? This can be a painful question that can be overwhelming to face. Ultimately, each of us is responsible for his/her own education, talents, decisions, and future.

The Law of Respect
You are worthy of respect. On the court, this means refusing to allow anyone to push you around. If you are smaller than your opponent, watch other great smaller players establish respect on the court.

Many student-athletes can feel disrespected by their coach or teammates. You can be loving while also being firm.

“Coach, I appreciate your desire to motivate me, but when you use that language or when you yell in this way, I don’t feel motivated. I work harder when you inspire me rather than degrade me.”

“Teammate, I appreciate you wanting us to play with more focus, but your blame for the team without self-responsibility is hurting us. Let’s all take responsibility for how we need to change, and let’s encourage rather than blame each other.”

The Law of the Value of Pain
Pain is not always an enemy. It is an important part of life. Escaping from pain is very dangerous. Too many people cause themselves greater pain by not having the courage to face the pain with wisdom and action. Pain requires discernment. Feeling uncomfortable is not necessarily a terrible thing. Pain is not always harmful or hurtful but can be beneficial and necessary for change and growth.

Hey NBC Basketball Athletes, you are a miracle! You are a person of value whether you play basketball or not. If you play this amazing game, we hope you love it with all your heart. We hope you play it 100%; that you make lifelong friends. Never lose heart; never give in or lose your aspirations. You’ve got this! We can’t wait to see you again and help you continue your journey.

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