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January 20, 2023   |   Tagged Motivation,

Inspired Basketball

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Inspiration is fantastic. It causes shooters to catch fire. It leads teams to play in the zone. It leads writers to write more effectively, creatively, and efficiently. However, inspiration cannot be willed into being. In fact, the more we try to manufacture inspiration, the more elusive or difficult it becomes. The best way to play inspired is to create the conditions for inspiration to arrive.

Here are ways to improve the likelihood of inspired play:

A. Work mastery. The more work you do, the more you become inspired. Those with patents had more reported inspiration than those without patents. Those with the highest number of patents reported the highest amount of inspiration. As the author Madeleine L’ Engle said, “Inspiration usually comes during work, rather than before it.” As we put in the work, we create opportunity for inspiration. Inspiration comes to those who work hard.

B. Openness to experience. The greater a person’s openness to experiencing something new, good or transcendent, the more opportunity for inspiration. Teams who are more open to listening to coaches, seeking learning and growth opportunities experience greater levels of inspired play.

C. Positive attitude. A positive attitude doesn’t mean you will become inspired, but it must be present for inspiration to arrive. People with negative attitudes do not report ever feel inspired. A positive attitude is a requirement for the serendipity of inspiration.

D. Small daily accomplishments. More small daily accomplishments accumulated led to greater likelihood inspiration would arrive. Work in your practice and games to create small achievable gains.

E. Exposure to inspiring people. One of the most consistent ways people reported becoming inspired was proximity to inspiring people.

Inspiring people do the following actions well. Be this kind of player.

1. Lead by example

2. Provide inspiring experiences

3. Provide hopeful and helpful “how to” improve opportunities

4. Speak direct words of belief – “I see your potential and believe you can do this.”

5. Give perceived belief. “I felt like my coach believed in me. I could tell she cared.”

6. Show support and personal investment.

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