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Deliberate Basketball Practice

At some point in your basketball practicing you will hit a plateau.  Eventually, your daily practicing will maintain your skill but you don’t really keep improving. That is why deliberate practice is so necessary. Your brain is amazing but we have a challenge to face in keeping the tenacity to overcome thresholds.

Here are ways to break through thresholds this year and maintain your path of improvement.

Set goals. Identify one or two specific ways you want to deliberately improve your skill in one aspect of your talent.

Set up a challenge. As much as we don’t like tests, the intensity and heightened experience the test creates, causes our brain to remember more and work harder. This tension is a necessary component for improvement.

Learning feedback is crucial. Many people stay in their place of plateau simply because they don’t know the next step. They are stuck and they remain stuck until they have insight on the next step to take. You can’t do what you don’t know. Experts, mentors, books, videotaping, and trying new experiences all push the brain into new ways of learning.

Perfect practice makes perfect. Perfect practice doesn’t mean you never make mistakes. Mistakes help push us and teach us but sadly, if you practice something inaccurately, poorly or halfheartedly, this kind of practice is dangerous. Practice should engage and challenge your mind and heart. If practice is mediocre or worse, you will not improve.

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