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Fearless Coaching

Coaching has a significant amount of the unknown. Injuries, unhappy players and parents, administration, rules, win/loss records are unknown and can create pressure and even fear.  Being a fearless coach is a choice. Here are some ways to live with courage in the uncertain world of coaching basketball.

Stick with your mission. Trying to please everyone is going to result in no one being pleased.  Be brave and be committed to your mission and values no matter what.

Eliminate ego. Ego will cause you to make decisions that injure the team. Base your worth on the work of helping every athlete improve.

Confront your challenges.  Don’t procrastinate on issues that need your attention and leadership. If something is hard, don’t bury your head.

Be emotionally tough. Most coaches think toughness means having no emotion at all or only tough emotions like anger. This results in very low EQ and ability to read situations with insight. Emotionally tough people can not only fully know what he or she is feeling and can discern this with accuracy, he or she is fully aware what other people may be feeling with the insight on how to move feelings and emotions into the best possible outcome. Low EQ is like a bull in a china shop, the bull might be tough but it certainly has made a mess and caused a lot of ruin.

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