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September 11, 2023   |   Tagged Motivation,

Gritty Basketball-- do you or your team need a grit conversion?

Gritty basketball

Nothing upsets us at NBC Basketball more than apathetic basketball. Laissez-faire basketball truly has no good purpose. Basketball requires heart, guts, courage, and perseverance as do all great life endeavors.

The good news—whatever you pour into basketball is not lost when you eventually stop playing. The habits that made you gritty in basketball will help you be gritty in life.

If you struggle with grit, you might need a grit conversion. Check out how this can happen.

Grit is passion and perseverance day in and day out over the long haul. There are the tools needed.

Pain needs to be redefined. Too many student-athletes are afraid of pain. They hate to be uncomfortable. The over-dependence on ease can make us soft and want to quit far too easily. Muscles feel pain when they are building and growing. Lungs can burn when they are being expanded. Egos can be shattered when facing competition. These are all good things that build a grit mindset.

You are what you habitually do. If you sit on the couch and play video games as your go-to, this is your life. Look at how you spend your time, and you will see your future. Grit conversion happens when you move from easy, comfortable, cozy, entertainment, make me happy now time to get after it, fully invested, total dedication rain or shine build my dreams and talent time.

Grit is contagious. Look at your environment. Research on grit found the posher a student-athlete’s environment the less likely they were to push that extra step. More sparse or spare facilities lead to a greater work ethic compared with the same athletes working out in top-level facilities. Also, grittier athletes had grittier teammates.

Gritty Inner Voice. Gritty athletes’ inner voice sounds quite different from non-gritty athletes. The non-gritty inner voice says, “How much longer, I can’t make it, this stinks, I need to stop.” The gritty inner voice says, “I can do it, two more reps, push all the way through, stay focused.”

Hey NBC Basketball Campers, if we had one way to describe our campers through the years, our word would be grit. It’s what we love about you—your willingness to persevere with passion for your dreams and life goals. We get pumped up seeing you love the game of basketball enough to work hard. You care more about being a skillful player than wearing the swag of a player. Skills over appearance. Grit over comfort. Can’t wait to welcome you back to the court this summer!!

About NBC Basketball
Since 1971, NBC Basketball Camps have been a leader in skill development and character training. The mission of NBC Basketball is to help student-athletes become better players and better people. NBC believes, like coach John Wooden, that if playing basketball doesn't make you a better leader and a stronger person it is a waste of time. Sports reveal character and NBC Basketball is intentional about working and promoting values that matter on and off the court such as gratitude, grit, resilience, forgiveness, servant leadership, and personal faith. For more information visit www.nbccamps.com.

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