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September 11, 2023   |   Tagged Parenting

How to be an inspired parent

Be an inspired parent

Becoming an inspired parent requires intentional work.

Can you remember a time you felt inspired as a parent? Parenting can be stifling, you can feel like you are underwater sometimes. Being an inspired parent happens when life and reason have been imparted to our souls.

Here are some ways to feel inspired as a parent more often.

A. Eliminate negative talk. Negative emotion cannot elicit inspiration...ever. It’s important to avoid negative thinking about yourself or your children.

B. Be kind with mistakes. Shame around making mistakes and unwillingness to admit wrong and apologize leads to a hypocritical life. Be easy with mistakes, gentle, quick to apologize, and quick to forgive.

C. Small achievements daily. Set small wins for yourself. For example, commit to saying 5 kind things to each person, putting down the phone, slowing down, and breathing in joy. Take a moment before you engage with your kids.

D. Avoid catastrophic thinking like it is poison. An example of catastrophic thinking is believing a “C” in first grade means your child will never go to college.

E. Find ways to breathe in beauty, goodness, God, life, nature, hope, peace, and joy. There is beauty everywhere.

Thank you, parents, for loving what matters and for being committed to the work of parenting, the work that leads to grace and ease. We admire your desire to be the parent your son or daughter needs. Thank you for your resiliency and hope. We believe in you!

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