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May 17, 2023   |   Tagged Skills,

How to be a College Basketball Player

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Want to play College Basketball? So do many other players. Here's what you must do to be a serious College Basketball candidate.

Talent development is your responsibility

Don’t wait for your coach to outline what is needed for you to be a college basketball player candidate and a strong contributor to the success of your team. Most people react rather than act with intention, especially in basketball. Coaches’ kids often have an advantage because their parents set the intention in the home and never wait for someone else to make improvement happen. Team practice is just that, a time for your coach to improve the skills of the team. Your job is to come onto the court this season with your fundamental skills and individual talent at the highest level.

Your responsibility:

Ball handling—you must be a master of ball control

Shooting—high percentage and accurate mechanics

Speed and agility—fast, quick-footed, agile

Injury free-- knowing what you need to do to prevent major injuries through preventive exercises and intentional work

Strong—core work, good sleep, hydrated, healthy eating, weight program

Passing—a skill no one wants to work on but is one of the biggest separators in the game right now

Defense—understanding leverage and positioning with the heart of a lion

Aggressiveness—grit, tenacity, fierce, never-quit mentality

Basketball IQ—understanding of the strategy, movement, and nuance of the game

Plus you need to be a student-athlete with success not only on the court but in the classroom.

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