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How to coach basketball with greater awareness

Great basketball coaches are aware. They know themselves, they know their team, and they know their opponent and they have clear, executable strategies to prepare to win at each level.

Here are a few key priniciples that will help you coach with more awareness.

1. Know yourself—how clear is your picture of your coaching strengths and weaknesses and what strategies to you have this season to be your best self?

2. Know your team—what are the dangers your team is going to encounter based on personality, talent level and work ethic/passion?  These are the big three you need to know inside and out and how to bring out the best in each of these categories.

3. Know your opponent—every opponent has strengths and weaknesses. You learn about your opponent through study and discipline. Game tapes, research, listening and preparation. Poor coaches get paralyzed with fear or too complacent when analyzing opponents—the reason why is because they live in a space of comparison and scarcity. A strong mental mindset is necessary to be a coach who has awareness for handling their opponents.


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