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October 03, 2023   |   Tagged Skills

Is Team Chemistry in Basketball a Myth?

Team chemistry basketball teams

“In any team sport, the best teams have consistency and chemistry.”- Roger Staubach

Does team chemistry exist? Some say it is a myth, others consider it the holy grail for championship teams.

What is team chemistry? Team chemistry is the cohesion of talented players working together to achieve optimal success.

What are the two types of team chemistry? Task chemistry and social chemistry. According to researchers, task chemistry is crucial for overall success. Social chemistry is required for optimal, championship-level success.

What is task chemistry? Task chemistry is for each individual member to independently execute the tasks needed for optimal performance. Basically, talented team members execute each task at the highest level.

What is social chemistry? Social chemistry is best described as love for the team and love for each member of the team. Love is the greatest predictor of team chemistry. Love would give of oneself for others, run through any hardship, and sacrifice all.

What robs team chemistry? Team chemistry isn’t possible when there is a breakdown in team tasks and team love. You can love each other as much as you want but if you can’t execute your required tasks needed for success, you cannot win. You can also execute tasks without love, but you will never be great. Lovelessness is an ugly, uninspired, and unsuccessful way to live.

Required ingredients for team chemistry.

Talented players who love deeply.

For team chemistry to work the team must be talented and the team must be united.

Team chemistry quiz for your team:

  • What is the energy like in the gym when players come together?
  • How do you talk about your team to others?
  • How does your team talk about each other?
  • How individually skilled is each athlete and how is skill elevated?
  • Do your most talented players love the members of their team?
  • Do the parents of your players love the other members of the team?
  • Are the goals for your team the same as your players' goals?
  • How wide is the gap between your goals and the goals of the parents in your program?
  • Is your culture (administration, students, parents, yourself) one of kindness or survival of the fittest?
  • How wide is the gap between the perceived level of talent of a student and their stats?
  • What tools, resources, and ability do you have to close any gaps between task chemistry as well as social chemistry?

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