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One of the biggest coaching mistakes and how to avoid it

Coaching is a tough profession and receives a great deal of scrutiny.  Being a great coach is an intentional choice and we want to encourage coaches to be the best they can be. Here is one key way to improve as a coach.

One of the greatest mistakes basketball coaches make is to lose their curiosity about the players on their team and to forget their role in transforming those they lead. Lost curiosity looks like favoritism, labeling and putting players into boxes. Why do coaches do this? Because it is easy. Laziness and frustration are opposites of curiosity. It is easy to foreclose instead of remaining open to new perspectives or possiblities.

At our worst, coaches love to make snap decisions and cement these in concrete. However, once a coach forecloses on a student’s talent, he or she literally quits being a coach. He or she can no longer move the student toward being better.   Don’t be that kind of coach. Work hard to see the potential in all your students. Be curious and continue to seek new perspectives and ways to advance your players.

Key questions to ask yourself

  • Do your players have confidence in your ability to influence every person to be better?
  • Why or why not?
  • Do you find yourself labeling players with your words?  She is our most talented player, he is so slow, he always turns the ball over under pressure. 
  • Have you given up on any of your players?
  • Do you like certain players better and what happens to the team because of this?
  • What kind of team do you want to create and does your methodology lead to this goal?


About NBC Basketball

Basketball is an incredible sport and it should be a tool to help build leaders and better people.  At NBC Basketball living from the inside out is important and NBC training focuses on leaders who make others better.  NBC Coaches should be leaders who see the best in others and help students become better than they were before. Basketball is a great tool to teach important life lessons of tenacity, mental toughness, confidence and gratitude. If you are interested in playing basketball to the best of your ability and becoming a must have leader on and off the court, check out NBC Basketball. Find a program that works for you at

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