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Parenting Advice—One month for a Healthy and Happier Family

NBC Camps wants to encourage families to be stronger and more united this year. One of the best ways to have a healthier and happier home is to build loving and meaningful relationships. The movie that won the Oscar in 2018, Ladybird,  is a story of a tragic relationship between a mom and daughter who only listen for ways to hurt the other.

Do you want a healthier and happier family? Improve your listening. 

Take your most difficult relationship and work for one month to deeply listen.

Here are a few ways to lovingly listen well this month.

a.Notice this person more closely with an eye of gratitude and curiosity instead of inspection and critique.

b.Settle down. Turn things off and listen deeply to what he or she is and is not saying.

c.Stay kind and detached. If you find you are getting overstimulated, angry, frustrated or hurt – take a break. Keep silent and don’t verbally attack back.

d.Eliminate the need to judge or fix. Set this aside for one month. Don’t try and convince, persuade or force your kids to listen to your advice.

e.Flip the tables and listen to their advice on ways to be a better parent or a more positive and creative person. Listen to their advice. If they say you never listen-- then be devoted to listen. If they say you always criticize, stop. If they say you are always angry, change.

f.Listen deeply – ask for stories about their world, ask your kids about their favorite things in life, listen to what brings them joy and work to find ways to celebrate what they love.

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